Thankful for… a boyfriend?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m laying in bed right now scrolling through Instagram while simultaneously writing this post and watching The Affair on ShowTime. I’m going to have to re-watch this episode, as I realized I’m about twenty minutes in and haven’t paid attention to any of it. Time to turn on music... Continue Reading →


Boyfriends of Birthdays Past

Birthdays have become full of pressure ever since that song Birthday Sex by Jeremih came out. Birthday sex? Yeah, it’d be nice! But sadly, my track record hasn’t shown much of that birthday gift. Let’s take a look, shall we? 18 – I went to college as a fresh baby-faced 17-year-old ready to take on... Continue Reading →

Tip: Always chekk the alcohol content of beer before purchasing

Raise your hand if you wish you could go back to being 21. I can’t see you, but I would assume a few of my dedicated readers have their hands raised, maybe even both hands raised. Who doesn’t wish they could go back to being 21; a simpler, more care-free time in their lives? But the... Continue Reading →

Fishing for a Boyfriend

Labor Day is just as laborious as ever when it comes to trying to find love.  Rewind to 2014, and I find myself in a similar position to last week’s blog post. Again, my friends and I start the night off at The Parker House and then end up at the Osprey.  Two Jersey Shore... Continue Reading →

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