Valentines Date-less

This upcoming weekend features my most hated holiday of the year: Valentines Day.  That dreadful holiday where everyone in the world wants to post about the fact that they have a significant other. Please, spare me the kissing instas, the romantic Facebook statuses and the numerous snapchats of roses and chocolates. I really don’t care... Continue Reading →


European First Date

**Guest Post** Let me start off this love story by letting you feel bad for me.  At the end of 2015, I was dropped on my ass because my boyfriend was married to work and took a job across the country... I did not fit in the carry on. Around the same time, my college ex had simultaneously... Continue Reading →

The Love Doctor

Last week's opinion was given by the Uber drivers. This week's opinion brought to you by the doctor. No, not the Love Doctor because that would make sense, but a regular doctor. Because apparently now everyone thinks they have a right to tell me what's up with love? Quick note that this was my first... Continue Reading →

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