The Love Doctor

Last week’s opinion was given by the Uber drivers. This week’s opinion brought to you by the doctor. No, not the Love Doctor because that would make sense, but a regular doctor. Because apparently now everyone thinks they have a right to tell me what’s up with love?

Quick note that this was my first time meeting this very nice doctor in NYC, and below are our first 5 minutes of interaction:

Doctor: Do you drink?

Me: Yes.

Dr: Do you smoke or do drugs?

Me: No.

Dr: Are you in a relationship?

Me: Why is this question relevant?

Dr: So are you or are you not sexually active?

Me: Thanks for reminding me that no, I am not.

That was awkward.  But less awkward than when Doc told me the joys of #singlelifeNYC. She herself is a fellow single gal in Manhattan, and loves every second of it.  She loves the freedom, lack of responsibility, and the lifestyle that she has (avec her two cats).

Doc is probably late 30s, a bit on the plain side, but nonetheless a smart and accomplished doctor.  It just seemed like she had probably focused more on the cats in her life than straightening her frizzy hair.

She proceeded to convince me (and perhaps herself) that being single is the way to go.  She had no sympathy for her sister’s Christmas travel woes between her and her husband’s family.  She loves choosing which Netflix shows to watch.  And she prefers to have the whole bed to herself (TY for sharing).

I laughed awkwardly while she was taking my blood test for the STDs I definitely don’t have. Doc said it would be better to know that I’m safe before I go out and find the man of my dreams, and then ask if he has an older brother for her.  Mmk sure.

Tip for next time: chekk out the Zocdoc reviews.


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