European First Date

**Guest Post**

Let me start off this love story by letting you feel bad for me.  At the end of 2015, I was dropped on my ass because my boyfriend was married to work and took a job across the country… I did not fit in the carry on.

Around the same time, my college ex had simultaneously gotten married AND his wife has an adorable baby boy. Please don’t think I’m bitter, I’m actually very happy for the both of them for you see, if I had not ruined these relationships I may have never had the opportunity of a lifetime to run away to Europe with a new guy to kick of 2016 with a bang. Literally.

For the weekend of NYE, I had decided to get the heck out of NYC for the first time in 6 years. Given my failed relationship woes, my college roommate was working hard to get me back on the market and ready for some action. Eager she was to introduce me to potential suitors – enter Tom. (Names changed to protect the innocent).

All dressed up in your basic black dress, I was where you’d expect me at midnight… taking a shot. Baby steps people.

Anyway, I was well on my way to having a good night and great weekend with a few of my best friends from college. Go Dukes!

Post-NYE Monday morning rolls around, I’m chatting (dare I say flirting?) with Tom who’s on his way to the airport. He was flying to Germany to visit his parents and had planned a trip to Scotland and England with his mom. Right? So sweet.

Here’s where I come in. You better bet your bottom dollar that the minute there was even a slight invitation, I booked my flight (don’t tempt me with a European adventure).

Thank goodness when Tom got off his 8 hour flight, he didn’t regret torturing me with his travel plans and soon enough I was packing my bags to meet this semi-stranger (and his mom) in Amsterdam.

Now it wasn’t all pretty. Karma was at work and my flight was cancelled/rerouted through Sweden, Norway and finally to the Netherlands, plus they lost my bags for 48 hours. So there was that. No clothes, not even a pair of clean underwear or a toothbrush. I knew it was only up from here and we did end up having an amazing time.

Adventures include: glow in the dark mini golf, beer/wine/scotch tastings, light festivals, Liverpool vs Arsenal soccer game and dancing in the Cavern Club aka the bar the Beatles got their start! What a fairytale.

What happens now you may ask? Well, he didn’t kill me so that’s a plus… but I’m still single (and ready to mingle). Hailing from different cities would make this long distance and TBH traveling abroad is one thing, but up and down 95 is quite another.

So Winning? Or Failure? Depends on your level of adventure.

All I know is I have an open invitation to Machu Picchu and a forever travel companion without all the drama.

**Guest Post**


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