Valentines Date-less

This upcoming weekend features my most hated holiday of the year: Valentines Day.  That dreadful holiday where everyone in the world wants to post about the fact that they have a significant other. Please, spare me the kissing instas, the romantic Facebook statuses and the numerous snapchats of roses and chocolates. I really don’t care to see my social media feeds full of happy, kissing people while I’m deciding which Netflix series to binge on with my two loyal boyfriends Ben and Jerry. I swear I’m not bitter…

JKJK I’ll like all of your Valentine’s Day pictures, I promise.  Because, as previously stated, when if I ever get a boyfriend, I’ll be that girl.  But for now, hater’s gonna hate.

In case you are still wondering who the fudge is getting me chocolate, roses, and champagne on Sunday… I am too, and unfortunately all signs point to nobody. That’s who.

But it’s currently arctic in NYC so I’m getting the F out and am en route to Florida to have my Grandma be my Valentine ❤ because for those of you who know her, she’s the best date I could ask for.  We’ll have afternoon cocktails, treat ourselves to a fancy dinner and gossip about boys #galentinesday

Even though I don’t have a boyfriend treating me like the princess I am (lol) on Valentine’s Day, the internet really thinks I do.  And they need to chill.

I work in digital advertising, so naturally I spend my days looking at various ads and this year, all I seem to find are ads and emails focused on love.

Here are some examples of ones I received yesterday (not an exaggeration):

  1. Glam&Go – VDay Blowout and Makeup… Reserve now to look amazing for date night
  2. SelfDaily – How to have your partner give you what you want for Valentine’s Day
  3. Thrillist – Real-Life NYC Dating Matchmakers…Just in time for the weekend
  4. Uber – Uber in the name of love…Let Uber get you to your date safely
  5. Tarte Cosmetics – Leave it or Love It – Valentine’s Day Looks 4 U!
  6. Refinery 29 – This week’s LOVE horoscope
  7. Anthropologie – Engaged? Sip, Scan & Celebrate in Soho!
  8. Equinox – Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga Event
  9. Pure Barre – Boyfriend Barre Classes for You and Your Valentine
  10. Spotify – Check out this year’s playlist of LOVE 

And my personal favorite email….Travel & Leisure – Tips for Traveling Alone

T&L is clearly the only company out there that understands my single lifestyle, TY to them for not making me feel like a complete loser., while making me feel like a complete loser at the same time. I know I’m single, but how did they find out?

Last year, my parents sent me an Edible Arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day.  It was very publicly delivered to my office, so my crew thought they were coming from my man of the moment.

It was a slight disappointment for them (and me) when the card read “Happy Valentine’s day to our favorite daughter! We love you! Love Mom & Dad”

None the less, it was a very nice gesture that my coworkers and I appreciated while enjoying the chocolates. However, I would have thought that things would be a little different a year later and perhaps I’d have a boyfriend sending me a public display of love.

Nobody will be #chekkingmeout this Sunday… so here’s hoping for better story next February 14th… 27th times a charm right?

In the meantime, Grandma and I will be at the pool chekking out the cabana boys.



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