Helado in the Parque

Pretty sure this is it. I know I talk about love all of the time (obviously, I have a dating blog).  But guys, this is 4 real. He's Argentinean. And German. And Spanish. And Italian. So yep. Game over. Blog ending. It's been a fun run. Anyway, I've had quite a week. I had a... Continue Reading →


Todo Bien

Si, todo bien aquí.  All is good here. It's week 3 of the adventure, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the year compares with the excitement of the first location.  I'm still as pumped about Remote Year as I was in my last post. We've also had an exciting update for our itinerary,... Continue Reading →

Correr y Cafe y Amor

Running date: success Podcast aquí: http://chekkmeout.madewithopinion.com/correr-success/ And yo pienso que I'm seeing him again tonight.. como se dice precious nugget in Español? Because he is.

The Only Juan I Love

Nuevo podcast: http://chekkmeout.madewithopinion.com/the-only-juan-i-love/

No correr y cafe for me

Now that I have a podcast, you can either choose to listen to my voice serenade you with this #tinderfail or you can read the below... Or both! http://chekkmeout.madewithopinion.com/correr-fail/# I matched with a cute Argentinian hombre a few days ago, and first thing that I noticed were how active (and attractive) his profile pictures were.  He had... Continue Reading →

This is happening: http://chekkmeout.madewithopinion.com/ Also - I'm about to go on a running and coffee / correr y café date with an Argentinian...wish me luck!

Estoy Aquí

en Córdoba.  Y todo es incredible. Last week when I was on the flight to Argentina, I started writing down a few rambling thoughts... unsure of what to expect, what was packed, and how the hekk this year was going to turn out. Well, if this past week set the tone for the year, then I'm in... Continue Reading →


Everything about this is gold. Pure gold.  Tinder Date #1 en Argentina fue una gran success. With all the hype of #tinderball2016, people have really been stepping up their game.  And last night was the first of many dates to come, and as I sit here writing this, I am LOL-ing about everything that happened.... Continue Reading →

Como se dice… Tinder?

And so it begins... #mrsworldwide Estoy aqui en Argentina.  The land of steak, red wine, and (hopefully) mi nuevo boyfriend.I've left my prior single life in NYC and have decided it's time to experience the rest of the world, in more ways than one 😉  No longer will this be my #nosexinthecityblog... we've extended the... Continue Reading →

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