Como se dice… Tinder?

And so it begins… #mrsworldwide

Estoy aqui en Argentina.  The land of steak, red wine, and (hopefully) mi nuevo boyfriend.I’ve left my prior single life in NYC and have decided it’s time to experience the rest of the world, in more ways than one 😉  No longer will this be my #nosexinthecityblog… we’ve extended the borders and now you’ll get to follow my dates from all corners of the globe.

What’s the best way to make friends in a foreign country? Downloading Tinder, of course… not only to meet the locals while trolling the app, but to also play “Group Tinder” with your new friends.  Which is exactly what we did on Night #1.As a selfless act, I volunteered my cell phone for the night, and the matches came in like wildfire. Needless to say, my self-esteem went through the roof.  My new friends helped me flirt in broken Spanish, and let me just tell you, Argentina has some good looking men.  And a whole lotta strange dudes too… but that seems to be pretty standard anywhere you go.  Also, the opening line of “Hola, como estas mi amor?” is copied and pasted as a general greeting (see @chekkmeout on Insta for proof).We Group Tindered at the bar, and then carried the conversation to the dinner table on Night #2.  The convo started as innocent, family friendly fun and escalated realll quick.  Nothing brings a new group of friends together like talking about dating.

The first Tinder idea was to have *Tinder Match* ask me on a date, and have 2-3 guys come along to scope out the scene, keeping me safe in case he was a total weirdo.  The second idea was to have *Tinder Match* come to meet us at the bar after dinner.  Then the plan changed.  A new idea was created. And it’s amazing.

Enter: Tinder Ball 2016

The best idea to have hit online dating in… well, ever.

Basic idea, genius concept.

The majority of my new friends are single (TG), and for the non-single peeps, you can still join in on the fun, to an extent (obviously).  So the single peeps all have to download Tinder, match with a few hotties and invite them to *undisclosed location* for a party.  So now there are 70ish friends, all inviting their own Tinder matches.  At the same time, at the same party.  No date or location has been set yet, we’re still in the pre-planning stages but get excited.

Cheers to the good, bad, ugly, wonderful, amazing, hilarious stories to come… #doitfortheblog

And who knows? Maybe I’ll find love along the way, or I’ll return back to NYC the same way I left it: drunk, broke, and single…but with a hell of a lot of good stories.




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