No correr y cafe for me

Now that I have a podcast, you can either choose to listen to my voice serenade you with this #tinderfail or you can read the below… Or both!

I matched with a cute Argentinian hombre a few days ago, and first thing that I noticed were how active (and attractive) his profile pictures were.  He had hiking, biking, surfing, and traveling.  Chekk, chekk, chekk and chekkkk to all of the above.  I love activities (I’m sort of campaigning to be Ms. Active Argentina 2016 it seems lately) and was excited when he started the conversation in Español.

Conversation was pretty basico, with him asking typical Tinder questions like:

De donde sos? / Where are you from?

Como estas? / How are you?

Que haces por aca? / What are you doing here?

So we were off to an okay start with the Spanglish, muchas gracias to Google Translate, yet again.

He asked what my plans were for the week, and asked if I was free on Tuesday for an adventura. Si!! I love adventures!

The adventure turned out to be a correr y cafe en el parque…. run and then coffee in the park.  (am I living in a romantic comedy?) It sounded too good to be true (which apparently it was), but I quickly told him okay!  I have never had a first date (or any date) be a workout, but what the hekk… do it for the blog, and the benefit of exercise and getting my Fitbit steps in.

So on Monday night, I had a birthday fiesta for a friend and I made sure to only have una cerveza – couldn’t be hungover for the run!  I went home, picked out a cute matching workout outfit, and set my alarm for the AM.  We had been Whatsapping, and he told me that he was going to cook dinner, and not eat any ice cream and go to bed early to get a good night of rest before the run.  We also decided that we would meet at 9 by the steps at the parque.  It seemed like all was going according to plan.

8:45am this morning and I am out the door, running gear on and ready for this new, different type of date! Yet when I get to the steps at 9:05, my running partner is nowhere to be seen (I had done a solid amount of stalking to make sure I would know what he looked like).

I send the awkward text to let him know that “Estoy aqui! Y I’m wearing a verde shirt”

Nothing…  10 minutes pass…

Still nothing…

Then 15 minutes…



I shoot some friends a text asking what the appropriate amount of time I should give until giving up and realize that I have just been stood up / ghosted in Argentina.

Como se dice ghosted in Spanish?  #rude especially because I was excited for this weird little date.  But oh well, I have to get the fitbit steps in anyway so I just went for a little correr y cafe in the park anyway.  There were plenty of other people around, and I didn’t let the ghosting bring me down.

Then… a text from him! – I thought we meant the night?!

I’m sorry but…who in their right mind meets a stranger from Tinder at a park at 9pm for a run and coffee?! Is that a thing here? Have they never seen a Law & Order: SVU episode? Because in NYC, that shiz would never fly – unless you were a true idiota.

So the translation was lost… my date meant 9pm, and I was there at 9am.  He did leave me a very cute voice note apologizing for the miscomunicación.

Todo bien, buddy.  We made plans to reschedule for correr y cafe el Jueves / run and coffee on Thursday…morning we clarified. So be sure to stay tuned to see how Thursday’s date goes because if it’s anything like the way it’s playing out in my head, than it’ll make for another good blog post.

Running. In the heat. While talking. In a different language.  Ayudame!






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