Todo Bien

Si, todo bien aquí.  All is good here.

It’s week 3 of the adventure, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year compares with the excitement of the first location.  I’m still as pumped about Remote Year as I was in my last post.

We’ve also had an exciting update for our itinerary, so for those of you thinking of planning a trip… July will be spent in London instead of Istanbul.  Due to the safety concerns in Turkey, Remote Year decided it would be a smarter choice to spend the month elsewhere.  And now I’ll be able to work in the IAS London office and see the crew there which is exciting.  We’ve also changed up the Croatia city from Cavtat to Split, which is equally as exciting.

ICYMI on Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat, I’ve compared myself to SportySpice here.  I’ve gone running, played soccer, played tennis on clay court, and went for hike in the mountainside.  And lo siento for blowing up every form of social media… feel free to unfriend me.





This photo below was taken at La Raquelita, the cafe that I spent yesterday morning at.  They have this amazing second floor outside space where you can answer emails while drinking a cafe con leche y eating medialunas – all for 38 pesos (about $2.60 USD).  Because yes, despite the party pics you have seen, I do actually have a job.



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