Helado in the Parque

Pretty sure this is it. I know I talk about love all of the time (obviously, I have a dating blog).  But guys, this is 4 real. He’s Argentinean. And German. And Spanish. And Italian. So yep. Game over. Blog ending. It’s been a fun run.

Anyway, I’ve had quite a week. I had a Tinder date on Tuesday night with #theonlyJuanIlove and that was nice.  I thought it was fun at the time, but compared to last night, it was simply asi asi.

Juan proceeded to send me a few Whatsapp voice notes and some nice text messages, but… Juan is no longer Juanted (if you know what I mean).

And speaking of Juan being out of the running, I made a podcast yesterday for my running date ICYMI.  It was super nice. He’s a cutie, and we had a great morning.  After the disappointing lost in translation of Tuesdays 9am / 9pm mixup, all turned out to be well.  He speaks great English, and we talked and ran for about 30 minutes before just turning it into a walk in the park.  What could be more precious?

We walked through a secret garden, took some great photos, and decided we wanted to make plans for later on in the week, over a glass of wine and normal non-athletic clothes (and maybe some makeup for me. Maybe).

Yesterday was about 95 degrees in Argentina, and going out on an ice cream date couldn’t have been more perfecto.  I love helado (ice cream), I love Argentina, and I love first dates.  And that’s what Date #2 was yesterday – a walk in the park with ice cream.  I mean… marry me now plz.

Let me just tell you.  He is a babe. His pictures looked so cute from what I saw on his profile, but in person? He might as well be named Mr. HoT.  Argentinean spice.  Game over, I told you.

Before I went on the ice cream date, I asked my friends to see what was reasonable to get on an ice cream date.  Am I allowed to get two scoops? A waffle cone? Sprinkes perhaps?  What’s the protocol? I haven’t had an ice cream date since I was probably 12.  The verdict was 2 scoops in a cone.

When the time came to order, he asked me in his perfect English what I would prefer, and I said 1 scoop of chocolate in a cone.  And then he ordered me 2 scoops in his perfect Spanish.  Como se dice swoooooon in Spanish?

We ate our ice cream cones and took a stroll around the park and had amazing conversation.  He is 29 and grew up in Córdoba, but now lives in Germany.  He’s back in Argentina for a few months because his mom is not well 😦 but plans on going back to Europe in July.  This couldn’t be more perfect for when I move to London in July. Cross-continental romance in the making.

I thought I loved to travel, but the ice cream man took it to a new level.  After he finished University, he lived in Ireland, Sydney, Tokyo and has now been in Berlin for 2 years.  He doesn’t know where he wants to live later in life, but he said Berlin has been a great experience.  I love Berlin, so I can picture us happily living there together. Or in Ireland / Sydney / Tokyo / anywhere else.

After we finished the cones, I wasn’t ready to say adios and neither was he, so we walked around and found a bar with some outside chairs to get a cold cerveza.  He speaks five languages, and has clearly mastered flirting in all of them.  I was blushing the whole time, and told him he was clearly trouble (I felt like Taylor Swift).  There’s no way this was his first rodeo. But what the hekk, I was lovin’ the attention and the compliments that were being thrown my way.

We had a few beers and at that point, I knew I needed to call it a night before things heated up too much.  He walked me back to my apartment, gave me a buenos noches beso and promised to call me today to plan our second date.

Sure enough, I got a text from him this morning asking what tonight’s plans are, and that he wants to see me.  I have been blushing all día, and I think he’s going to come out tonight with my group of friends. We ended with this text:

[3:46 PM3/18/2016]  ok so let me know where are you gonna to be and I can join you later guys..
[3:47 PM3/18/2016] but also don’t forget I want to share some time with you alone miss new york 😘

Stay tuned. Updates to follow. Although they may be delayed because… I’ve found love!



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