Alright so I haven’t found a boyfriend yet. But it’s only been one month of my around-the-world search, so I’m not that desperate. Keyword: yet. But the stories that have come (cum? Is that too dirty to write in this? Just go with it.) from this past month have been some great ones to start.  Here and the next blog post I’m typing up is a ‘lil recap of the down and dirty in South America.

Out of my new 70 or so amigos, only a few have significant others back at home.  That means that there’s a hell of a lot of Tindering going on, and I love that I have become the go-to for all things love.  I love love, and there’s mucho of it here.

If you remember from my post a few weeks ago, #Tinderball2016 was being talked about.  We haven’t had one yet, but it’s premiering in Buenos Aires and there will be big things ahead.  The first month was just a warm-up to get the practice that we needed for a big city like BsAs.

I personally had an exciting month with a few fun dates.  Tinder Date #1 was with a clown, Tinder Date #2 was with #theonlyJuanIlove, Tinder Date #3 was a correr y café in the park, and I found love over ice cream on Tinder Date #4.  There was a lot of vino, laughter and Google Translate on each of the dates, but unfortunately no novio came from any of them.

I had very high hopes for the Ice Cream Man, but no enticing plans were made.  I thought he was turning into a penpal (which I hate more than anything, but actually not because I secretly like the attention) and the plans that we were trying to make kept getting side tracked or put on hold for the next day, and the next… and then next.  Until I was invited over for #netflixandchill.  LOL that the concept exists outside of America as well.  I had just kind of figured that was an American thing, but nope, turns out all guys have that one thing in mind, and want to make it as easy as possible.  I just learned hat it’s called Peli and chill here. In Spanish, movie means pelicula so #peliandchill is the Español version, lol.  Noted for the next time.

I wasn’t pumped about the invitation so sadly never got to see Mr. Ice Cream before leaving, but I’ll survive.  He was super cute and the selfie that we have together is priceless, but on to the next.  And who knows, maybe he’ll be back in Berlin when I move to Europe this summer and we can Netflix and chill across the pond. I might be more open to the invitation in a few months, stay tuned ❤

As for my other amigos, a few of them did get pretty lucky here, and there are a few quality stories that we have to share.  I’m typing up that epic blog post now. #siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



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