Primero 50 Days

I’m officially at Día 50 of my around-the-world-for-a-year adventure. And here are the Top 25 of the Past 50, in no particular order because they’re all pretty amazing. I could have done 50, but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t read all 50… it would get labeled under TLDR (too long didn’t read) and I want you to read this because I think it’s cool and fun.


  1. Party Dresses
  2. Fuerza Bruta
  3. The Laughing Friends
  4. Argentinean wine
  5. Talking about / Blogging about / Loving on / Hating on Tinder
  6. Realizing that my reality is far from actual reality
  7. Argentinean polo players
  8. Ninina kale juice. And basically everything from Ninina
  9. Buenos Aires street art
  10. Agua con gas
  11. #theclownisfunny
  12. 75 new /amazing / interesting / inspiring / fun amigos
  13. Tramantha
  14. My Saved by the Bell workout outfit
  15. Ivan my doorman / amigo
  16. The Tinder Crew
  17. Drinking wine while riding a horse while playing polo
  18. Córdoba Welcome Fiesta
  19. The lamest / coolest club in all of Córdoba
  20. Google Translate
  21. Condor Hiking
  22. Packing the morning of my flight, and not forgetting anything
  23. Did I say vino fiestas yet?
  24. Ice cream dates
  25. Juan jokes #juaninamillion


And #26 for good measure…

Knowing that I’m the luckiest person on the planet for having this juance in a lifetime experience.


Salud to the next 50!



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