Dating is Hard

Writing about dating is hard. Trying to find people who want to read about my dating life is hard. But I get to sit at cafes like the wonderful picture above and type out my stories. My life certainly isn’t hard.


BUT every once in a while, something glorious happens. Like finding out that people actually do read this! And that people do care about my quest of finding a boyfriend!

For example, I got my first piece of fan (e)mail yesterday from a gal named Grace in Singapore. Grace stumbled upon my blog from a Remote Year ad, that led to a Remote’s blog, that led her to me. The Internet is such a beautiful place. It’s amazing how little old me, writing my thoughts / struggles / stories / feelings about love can be found internationally.

So that’s just my quick note of the day, to say gracias to you, as my reader, for reading this, maybe laughing a little bit, and inspiring me to keep up my writing.

I’m in desperate need to knock out a couple of good stories about the past few weeks in Buenos Aires, so maybe this weekend I’ll have a few updates on the blog. But for now, just wanted to say gracias amigos, and stay tuned on the search for my #juantruelove.


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