Haven’t even had juan date yet

Es la ultima semana en Buenos Aires y estoy triste que yo no tengo un novio Argentinian ahora / It’s the last week in Buenos Aires and I am sad that I don’t have a boyfriend yet.

Also — want to quickly #humblebrag that I didn’t use Google Translate for that sentence, so it may or may not be 100% correct but I’m basically fluent. So why don’t I have a boyfriend yet? We’re speakin’ the same language here, and the language of love is more important than Español anyway.

(S/O to my boy JT for snapchatting this picture from the Philippines)

The word that gets thrown around quite often around with my chica amigas aquí is #palpable. And ain’t it the truth. There are great looking men in this country, and we all want a piece. But for some reason, it’s much more difficult than we expected.

I more or less thought that as soon as I left NYC, I’d also be leaving the land of the penpals behind. I’ve posted about penpals before (and my dislike for them), and I figured (/hoped)it was pretty limited to America (read: NYC). I was wrong. Penpals exist here as well, and probably en todo el mundo. With the seemingly endless options of swiping, why settle and make plans with one chica when you can keep swiping and (hope) to find someone hotter / taller / richer / etc than the one that you already matched with?

What a world we live in… all of the options have become far too many options, a point brought up by my favorite comedian Aziz Ansari in his bookModern Romance. Love used to happen more or less out of general proximity to the other person. Aziz visits a few nursing homes and when asking the people there how they met their wives or husbands, the stories were pretty similar and were along the lines of ‘We grew up on the same street.” Not always the case, but these people met their significant others at a location that was close to where they lived, as it would have been a bit difficult to have an LDR in the pre-cell phone age to communicate every minute of the day. Sidenote: I’m currently shuddering at the thought of marrying my across the street neighbors from childhood. TG we have more options now!!!!!

So yeah, we have lots of options in 2016, and I literally have a whole world’s worth of options this year. But the Tinder scene varies quite significantly between cities, so it’ll be a very interesting comparison throughout the next 10 months.

Last month in Córdoba, I blogged about the 4 dates that I went on. I was pretty happy with all of them (thought I found love on the last one), but I expected BsAs to be even better. Everything’s bigger in BsAs, right?

I was wrong. Tinder is a different game here. As Córdoba is a much smaller city mainly consisting of students, everyone was swiping and then only sent a few messages back and forth to solidify plans to meet up. That’s what I like, quick and to the point, not trying to message back and forth for 7 days only for nothing to ever come from it. Don’t get me wrong, getting attention from texting is exciting, but I would way rather find out about your life in person than continually receive a few texts littered with emojis to convey your message. Not that I don’t love a good emoji conversation, but it needs to add to a conversation IRL por favor.

#Tinderball2016 is happening on Tuesday night, and it’s game time. It’s also going to be a fundraiser so it’s money for a good cause that doesn’t just include finding love in a hopeless app. Can’t wait for us to have #juannighttoremember (or forget if your date sucks).

Happy Swiping and stay tuned 😉


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