…was just as weird as you would probably expect it to be. And as you also may or may not expect… And I loved it. Everything about it. Including this bomb ass shirt that I found at a vintage shop the other day. I mean…how perfect is this?



As you may (read: should have) read in previous posts (and if you haven’t, then you should get on that), we came up with the idea for Tinderball about two months ago when joking about swiping and everything that Tinder involves.  My friends were trying to get me to invite a Tinder date to dinner, which led to the idea of everyone inviting a date to dinner, which after a few more glasses of vino…led to the idea behind last night.

You also should be aware from your reading (cough cough) that I’ve also written a post or two about how I haven’t gone on any Tinder dates in Buenos Aires. As you can imagine, it’s a lil hard to keep up a dating blog when I haven’t actually gone on any to write about.  The scene is different here, and for some reason plans were never made and penpal relationships were formed.  I didn’t know if Tinderball would even happen, or if it was just a silly idea that we would continue to joke about, but then I decided that we were just gonna go for it.  Why not? #doitfortheblog.

I figured the best plan of action was to send out Tinder messages to my many matches asking them for suggestions of bars around the Palermo Soho area of BsAs, saying that my amigas and I were having a party and wanted help finding a good spot for a party that we would invite them and their amigos to.  I got lots of suggestions, exchanged a lot of Whatsapp numbers, and got a solid list of options. I emailed a few places, only to find out that I would have to put a deposit on my credit card, having a certain price per person for an open bar / food deal, and would have to guarantee a set number of people for the noche.  All of that sounds far too formal for a Tinder event.  We wanted to make it as low key / random / fun as possible and having people commit to all of the above was just not something Tinderball was meant to be all about..

Once I learned that sending emails to bars and restaurants wasn’t getting me anywhere, I set out on Saturday afternoon to the neighborhood bars and restaurants, asking (in my less than perfect Spanish) about renting a private space for a fiesta de amigas.  A few options seemed like they might work and I walked home with a skip in my step, excited for the possibilities I had found. On my way home, I decided to make juan last stop to chekk out a bar with a rooftop to see what they could offer me.

One of the guys who was working came right up, asking (in Spanish) how he could help.  I gave my same spiel, feeling pretty proud of myself for how good my Spanish was.During our conversation a few things got a little lost in translation, like the fact that he thought I was saying it would be a party for 40 American girls, but I didn’t bother correcting him, I was going to get better drink deals that way.

So this dude brought me to the rooftop that would be ours for the evening, and chatted me up about drink specials, food specials, and time of the party for a few minutes. I was happy with the options and said gracias and started to head towards the stairs when boom – beso.  Outta nowhere. He just turned me around and went in for the kiss, and not just a quick cheek beso, but the real thing.  Uh. Que? I backed away and walked down the stairs, thanking him and waving goodbye from a distance. I immediately went to tell my friends about the weirdness that just happened.. Maybe it’s normal in Argentina?

Turns out it isn’t normal, and just weird, but at the same time… Tinderball is weird, and he was offering us a private rooftop, full reign of the music, super cheap drink and food specials and no deposit.So it was done. Location secured. Party planned. Time to spread the word.

Many of my amigos supported my idea (just as they support my blog) but a few others were skeptical, thinking that it’s funny but maybe not their thing and that they wouldn’t have a date. I understand that Tinder isn’t for everyone, but I juanted to make it a fiesta that was open to everyone! Not to mention that this was going to be a charity event, and who can say no to charity?! A very wise amiga of mine helped to encourage the crew to try out something new that might not be their thing while raising those pesos for charity! So come juan, come all!

And they did. I sent out a mass Tinder text, outlining the time, location, and 50 peso donation of the fiesta and had no clue how many (if any) of my Tinder matches would come. My amigos, including two Tinder dates, started arriving around 9:30 and from that point on, we had our resident DJ killin’ the beats and the fiesta got started.

Now that it’s fall in BsAs, it was a bit too chilly for the rooftop, so my crew took over the whole restaurant, and I think it’s safe to say that we owned the party.  Throughout the night, we had so many amigos come, some for juan drink and some were committed to the noche. I chekked in on my dates a few times but they seemed to be fine on their own…and for better or worse, I was too. I’m not sure what time they left, but I was having too much fun with my amigos to notice. But gracias for coming and supporting the cause hombres!

A met a few of my friends Tinder dates, and everyone seemed to be having a good time, so I was pretty happy with the turnout. Except for a few Tinder dudes who came and refused to hand over the 50 pesos for charity. They had no problem paying for drinks and food, however as soon as I walked over with my Peso jar, they said no gracias. Unfortunately…I think I might have ruined a love connection with the chica who invited them….  Oops. But at the same time, I don’t feel that bad, because a person who comes to a fundraiser fiesta without wanting to raise the funds isn’t the type of dude I want to hang out with anyways.

We voted for Best Dressed Tinder-er and the winner chose the charity that our #pesosforbesos would go towards. The winner was none other than our resident Tinder guy of the group who’s life motto is ABDB (aka always be double booking). To be honest I think he was juggling a few Tinder dates last night (you go dude!). The charity of choice was the elementary school that many of us volunteered at this past Sunday. Proof that we don’t just fiesta y Tinder all the time, but that we help out the community… and what better way to give back than to donate those 4000 pesos (~$270 USD) to the people we met in the town of Tigre.  Sending them so many besos and all of the pesos to help out their escuela.

The creepo from the Saturday afternoon beso was working and luckily I managed to avoid him for most of the time, until the end of the noche when he mentioned that he only lives two blocks from the bar. Okay thanks for letting me know, but I am not interested… so I said adios and hopped in a cab to my casa.

Even though my night ended with me eating peanut butter with a spoon (alone), and the morning after (now) me still wearing my beso shirt in bed without a Tinder date keeping me company, I would venture to say that the number Juan #tinderball was a fantastic success.  And let me just tell you that I have never loved each and everyjuan of my friends more than I did last night. They all came out on a Tuesday to not only support charity, but to support me and be my friend and show me allllll of the love.  I love love. This is great. So much happiness right now.

Not sure how Tinderball #2 can live up to last night, but I’m willing to give it a try becuz #doitfortheblog (and the fact that I still don’t have a boyfriend).



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