How to be a dating blogger without going on any dates

It shouldn’t be the case.

But nope, I have not gone on any dates recently, and I’m over it. That’s for damn sure.

Have you missed me and my dating blog updates? Because I sure as hell have missed writing about dates. I have no stories. None. Nada. Why you ask? Because Tinder here is #bleak.

I hate to be a downer , and maybe there are some hidden gems, but I fully expected to move to South America and find my Latin Lover right away. Or at least find a few options by Month #3. But nope. Ugh. This is depressing.

As I’ve written about in the past (the posts you’ve previously read), I was going on some dates in Córdoba, and then I hosted my first #Tinderball event in Buenos Aires.  Even though I didn’t find love in BsAs, I still talked to a lot of guys on Tinder and had a few penpals. Nothing came from any of them, but that’s okay, I was busy with work and my own friends, and I didn’t make dating as much of a priority. And at least a penpal still gives me some attention, despite it being a solely online relationship (that’s better than nothing).

But now I’m living in La Paz, Bolivia and I have barely even swiped right.  It’s also been a different kind of month than the last two, as altitude sickness is a reallll thing, and my friends and I haven’t really gone out, let alone stayed awake past 10pm.  We spend our nights here in the lobby of our hotel, college-dorm style hangouts with movie nights and the (very rare) glass of wine. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the partying lifestyle of the past few months but I’m starting to feel desperate for attention. There’s nothing more challenging than being a girl with a dating blog with no dates to actually write about. Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic, there are harder things in life, but you get my point.

I’m currently so desperate for a boy to talk to me that I set the distance on my Tinder to the farthest distance, which I thought was 100 miles…but I matched with a dude who’s currently 3972 miles away. And he’s become my penpal, but has asked me three times how tall I am and if I want to snapchat. I’m 5’8, and no, I don’t want to snapchat from almost 4k miles away. But for the past 4 days that we’ve been matched, he’s asked me how my day is…soooo I’m a shameless flirt, regardless of the distance.

My mom also knows how desperate I am that she’s started to flirt for me. Like the time I got a text from her a few weeks ago on a Saturday night “You will get a friend request from a cute boy who loves to travel.” It was like opening a fortune cookie. No less than 2 minutes later, friend request and Facebook message were received from said “cute boy who loves to travel.”  My mom was being a cougar mom (literally, at my little sister’s College of Charleston graduation) and got chatting with the guy next to her at the bar. One conversation led to another and she and my dad were telling him about their beautiful daughter who was traveling the world for a year. Naturally they told him to get in contact with me because I love new friends, and now here were are, potentially making plans to meet up while he’s in Europe this summer with friends.But then my mom said he might be too short for me. Who knows if there will be a love connection, but I do love making new friends, so we’ll see!


Other than that, I’m still searching for the Juan, and only have juan month left in South America to find him.  Time to keep swiping…

Dude, even this statue in Lima I saw this weekend is getting more action that me.



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