South American Dry Season

Two weeks left in South America.

Where is the juan?

He better be posted up at some hostel bar in the next few days if I have any hope of finding my Latin Lover before I leave this continent.

I’ve had the most amazing three and a half months in South America, but I gotta say… I’m less than impressed with the Tinder talent.  Since my last post a few weeks ago, I don’t really have any updates because I still haven’t gone on any dates, but there are a few reasons for that.

Having a broken collarbone (yep, that happened) and being in La Paz were both setbacks for my dating life. The Tinder scene in La Paz was bleak, and I was also hopped on lots of medicine for the entire month. That didn’t leave me with a lot of interest in going out and having a Spanglish / Google Translate conversation with someone while I’m rocking a sling and 8 alpaca scarves.  So let’s just chalk Month 3 up to a loss for dating. Moving on.

I spent the last week of May in Lima where the Tinder scene was a whole new ballgame. The men are so good looking and outdoorsy and they actually talk on Tinder. Only thing was that I had my siblings in town, so again, dating wasn’t the priority of the week.  I was in Lima with the fam and a few other friends so I wasn’t committed to the blog for the week.

But now I’m in Cusco, and it is backpackers galore. Tinder here is basically all Australians / Brits / Americans and a few Peruvians. And many of them are pretty good looking, so it’s been fun to swipe again, knowing that there are prospects here.

In my last post, you read that I was snapchat texting and Tinder messaging with a guy from NYC, 4k miles away. It was weird and pointless, but like I said, I didn’t hate the attention. However, the attention got a little too real when he followed up with 3 messages asking why I hadn’t responded, where I was, what I was doing, and so forth. Uh wut? We literally just matched on Tinder, I don’t exactly have to let you know my whereabouts buddy.  I removed him from Tinder and blocked him on Snapchat, only to get added on Snap by another user by the name of Mike. I didn’t think I knew Mike but I accepted, only to get the same type of questions about my remote working life, my height (why?), and if I had success with men in South America. I got weirded out by the convo after a few minutes and blocked him as well… only to get added an hour later by someone named Logan. I think I got catfished. I don’t know anyone named Logan and as soon as I got the first message from him, I immediately blocked. Dude, if this is really you adding me 3x on Snapchat, what is your end goal?! You know that I’m living in South America and that we are literally never going to meet. What is the point and why are you spending your time this way? It’s weird, so adios amigo.

Other than that, I have a date lined up for this weekend with a Peruvian guy from Lima. He’s working in Cusco and we matched a few days ago. We had been messaging back and forth, and then last night when I was at a club with mis amigos, someone came up to me and announced “Hola!! You are [my name] from TINDER! I recognize you!” LOL. So from my few pictures on my profile, he recognized me and we chatted for a few at the club, making plans to potentially hang out this weekend. He and I have been messaging today, and he told me that I’m pretty and that he wants to take me out to a posh restaurant #swooooooonnnnnnn

So there’s that for now. I don’t think that he’s the juan, but he could be my love of the night. Stay tuned 😉


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