Luck of the Irish… in South America

PSA: I’m back in America now, and I am still single.  Not entirely sure how I spent four months in South America and didn’t snag myself a Latin Lover.  I’m sorry, readers, I feel like I’ve failed you. But on the other hand, I would have failed you more if I did have a BF now because I guess the blog would be over, so… you’re welcome.

Before I started this crazy / amazing social experiment called Remote Year, I had not a clue what to expect.  Was my job going to be happy with my remote work?  Was I going to make friends?  Would I adjust to life on a new continent?  Well, in case you’re wondering, the answer is a big, overwhelming YES to all three of those q’s.  But the lingering question was always… will I find a boyfriend abroad?

I’m traveling / living / working with an incredible group of amigos for the year, and I can honestly say that I love them.  We’ve become quite a family (a weird family, complete with its family problems and drama), but a family nonetheless. My friends from home all assumed that the reason I was single in NYC for so long was because I was waiting to find someone just as adventurous as me, and that the person might just be on Remote Year with me.  I couldn’t be settling for a novio in NYC that was too tied to his desk job to take a vacation.  I need someone who wants to see the world, and who wants my commentary along the way.  So I set off for Córdoba, Argentina four months ago with a spring in my step, excited to find out what the hell I had gotten myself into.

As you’ve read along the way, I’ve had a few fun dates,  some notable ones that made it onto the blog.  There was the clown date, running date mishap, the cute ice cream date, Tinderball, an outrageously long dry-spell of no dates in between, the date where I dressed up like a Peruvian cholita, and last but certainly not least, my luck of the Irish date that I went on last week to round out my time in South America.

After my cholita beer-pong date, I thought I was going to be able to see him again for Date #2, however, the reason why people come to Cusco is not to live there for a month like I did… most people only just pass by for a few days and then go to see Machu Picchu to get that Tinder pic, amiright?  I mean, I did #noshameinthegame.  Anyway, I sadly didn’t get to see him again, but I did break my rule of Nobody Talks on Mondays and went on a date with an Irish bloke to a pisco bar in Cusco.  We had matched the day before and chatted when he was able to get wifi (#backpackerprobs).  I told him a little bit about why I had been in Cusco for so long, and instead of becoming a PenPal like other guys, he asked me out for Monday night.

Before my date, I went out for a celebratory drink with a friend of mine who just got engaged at Machu Picchu!!! Her boyfriend fiancé had come to visit and had the ring in his pocket for weeks before popping the question after the four day trek to the top.  I’m so happy for them, it’s the first Remote Year engagement and they’re so cute and happy.  But like… I can barely even get a second date and this chick has a dude literally climbing a mountain to marry her #goals.

Anyway, back to my date in hopes that that happens to me one day. So I was a little late meeting him but when I got to the bar he was waiting outside wearing a cute UnderArmour pullover and his hiking boots.  We got pisco sours and got to talking about the world.  He’s from a small town in Ireland but has been living in NYC for about seven years.  He works for a construction company and was able to get a week of vacation time to which he decided to come to Cusco for a solo trip.  He had heard it was a great place to visit and booked the flight on a whim, hoping to meet new friends at his hostel.  He told me that he didn’t think he would have even met someone on Tinder during his week there, which could have been a lie, but it made me feel special so I’ll go with it.  He was so intrigued by Remote Year, asking a ton of questions about my job, how they approved this, how I’ve kept in touch with my friends and family from back home, and the obviously question about why I was ruining my cute outfit by wearing a sling.  Ugh.

ICYMI, I broke my collarbone a few weeks ago being a badass mountain biker on Death Road in Bolivia.  YouTube some GoPro videos, it’s pretty sick and I don’t regret it at all, but it did leave me as a cripple in a sling for the past 6 weeks.  A sling does not fit into the category of the best “date night looks” but it did give me an excuse to buy 18 alpaca scarves and sweaters to cover it up.  It’s also a good conversation topic, and I think it makes me more interesting? Who knows, I’m just saying that to make myself feel better about the whole situation.

After we had a few piscos, we (obviously) went to the Irish pub in Cusco – highest Irish pub in the world!  We carried on the conversation over a few Cusqueña beers and I obviously showed him my collection of llama pictures that I took all month living in Cusco.  I thought I was being funny, he probably thought it was weird but he laughed along until we closed down the pub.  Sadly my new Irish bloke boyfriend was leaving for his Machu Picchu trek early in the AM so we said adios and that we hoped our paths would cross again soon.  The next day, I got a few WhatsApp llama selfies from him and that’s when I knew it was love.  He thought of me when he saw llamas along the path and knew I would like the pictures, which gave him extra points in my book #swoooooonnnnn

Since he lives in NYC, we’ve been keeping in touch and I’m hoping the timing will work out for us to go on Date #2 while I’m home.  Not sure if that’ll end up happening but a girl can dream, right?

In the meantime, I’m happy to be home for a few weeks.  There seems to be a lot more talent on Bumble than I remember and maybe I’ll have another blog post soon..  If not, the blog is going cross-continental and will be in London soon enough, good stories guaranteed.


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  1. We were braggin’ on your Remote Year adventures just last night. What an interesting time it will be to live in London post Brexit vote — ! Enjoy your time shoreside and on on to the next adventure 🙂


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