(Get it? Lol) London is where I belong. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now (after two… er… four glasses of rosé) This is my last week living in London. And I know you’ve heard me say “I was meant to live in Buenos Aires!” or “Lima was made for me!” But I … Continue reading Hekkxit

British Bummer

So last night, I was supposed to have my second date with the cute Brit that I went out with last week. Last week, he asked me out for a spur-of-the-moment date to be his +1 for a party. In last weeks recap blog post, you all know that of course I said yes, I … Continue reading British Bummer

Brits and Belgians

And talent there is.  One week into my London life and already the men here have me wanting to stay forever. I'm living in a coworking/coliving space in London that has just about everything we could need.  There's a restaurant/bar, laundry room, movie theater, outside patio, shared kitchens, hot guys working at the front desk, … Continue reading Brits and Belgians

Talented Accents

Just touched down in Londontown but don't want an American boy.  I have arrived and I'm ready to find myself a bloke with a British accent, cheerio! As we are all wellllll aware, South America wasn't as great for my dating life (and blog) as I would have thought. Fully expected a tall, dark and … Continue reading Talented Accents