(Get it? Lol) London is where I belong. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now (after two… er… four glasses of rosé) This is my last week living in London. And I know you’ve heard me say “I was meant to live in Buenos Aires!” or “Lima was made for me!” But I... Continue Reading →


British Bummer

So last night, I was supposed to have my second date with the cute Brit that I went out with last week. Last week, he asked me out for a spur-of-the-moment date to be his +1 for a party. In last weeks recap blog post, you all know that of course I said yes, I... Continue Reading →

Brits and Belgians

And talent there is.  One week into my London life and already the men here have me wanting to stay forever. I'm living in a coworking/coliving space in London that has just about everything we could need.  There's a restaurant/bar, laundry room, movie theater, outside patio, shared kitchens, hot guys working at the front desk,... Continue Reading →

Talented Accents

Just touched down in Londontown but don't want an American boy.  I have arrived and I'm ready to find myself a bloke with a British accent, cheerio! As we are all wellllll aware, South America wasn't as great for my dating life (and blog) as I would have thought. Fully expected a tall, dark and... Continue Reading →

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