Talented Accents

Just touched down in Londontown but don’t want an American boy.  I have arrived and I’m ready to find myself a bloke with a British accent, cheerio!

As we are all wellllll aware, South America wasn’t as great for my dating life (and blog) as I would have thought. Fully expected a tall, dark and handsome hombre who looked like a mix of Ricky Martin / Enrique Iglesias / Rafa Nadal, but no luck for me there.  I’m still sad about it, but I packed up my suitcase full of alpaca sweaters and llama keychains and made my way back to the States.

I wasn’t sure what my two weeks at home would bring, but I decided to give Tinder / Bumble / Hinge a try there, as well as possible old flames who are still in the area.  I matched with a few locals, but as soon as I mentioned that I was moving away for the next 8 or so months, my matches turned into penpals.  I didn’t go on any dates at home, but also didn’t really have time to focus on that, as I was too busy with my family and my friends to concern myself with a short-termed fling in America.   Now, my friends, I’m ready to get back on the scene and nothing can hold me back.  I got cleared by the doctor in NYC that I don’t need collarbone surgery (woohoo!) so I can now go about my normal life sling-free. What a way to be.

One of the first amazing things that I noticed about London is that Heathrow has free wifi. So when I was waiting on the incredibly long customs line, I got to scroll through my whole Instram and Facebook feeds, and then I started swiping (naturally).  I got some questionable looks from the dude who was behind me in line, but I’m pretty shameless when it comes to this so w/e. I changed my “About Me” section to something simple along the lines of “American looking for a British accent [insert UK flag emoji]” – this has gotten me no less than 15-20 messages today in the few hours that I’ve been in this country.  The men are so handsome and they don’t start the conversation with a boring “Hey” like the guys in South America.  This seems to be a bit more genuine, even for a Monday morning Tinder convo.

As I’m keeping NYC hours in London, I have the mornings free to do whatever I please so I’m going to start booking some coffee dates.  There’s potential for coffee tomorrow morning with an Irishman who has been leaving me precious little voicenotes on Whatsapp that have me already swooning and I haven’t even met him yet.

More to come, but I’m so excited about all of this potential that I might even start a YouTube channel so I can talk about all of it, and bring some friends on for interviews as well. Stay tuned amigos ❤


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