Brits and Belgians

And talent there is.  One week into my London life and already the men here have me wanting to stay forever.

I’m living in a coworking/coliving space in London that has just about everything we could need.  There’s a restaurant/bar, laundry room, movie theater, outside patio, shared kitchens, hot guys working at the front desk, and a good friend is my roommate for the month here.  It’s essentially a college dorm with all of my friends living there, but the only thing is that it isn’t located in central London.  The tube ride is a little long to get into the city, but it’s really not a big deal except for the fact that once we’re out here, it’s a little hard to get motivated to move it into the city.  Except of course if a cute guy asks you out on a date.

Last Wednesday, I left my spot to head into the city to meet a friend for lunch and then spent the afternoon working at my company’s London office. I was talking to my friends about wanting to go on a date that night, but sadly I wasn’t having any luck on Tinder / Happn / Bumble that day (wtf).  At the end of the day, I packed up my bags and got back on the tube to head home and I was ready to crawl into bed, as I knew I would have a busy few days coming up.

Well, plans change, and last minute plans are always the best ones. I got off at my station and was greeted with a few messages from a cute guy asking what my plans were for the night.  It was already pretty late, so I simply told him I had just gotten home.  He then told me that he had a +1 for an event that night and asked if I would be his date.  Do it for the blog, obviously.  So I ran up to my room, dropped my computer off, put some mascara on and sprinted back to the tube station to meet the Brit.

By the time I made it into the city, the event was about to end so I wound up meeting him at a pub nearby in Mayfair.  As soon as I heard him say my name with his accent, I knew it was a good choice to go out and that we were in for a fun night.

We had a few gin and tonics at the pub and when they were doing last call, we moved down the street to another cozy British pub for another round of G&Ts.  When the second bar was at last call, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night yet so we went down the street to another spot, a speakeasy called “The Luggage Room.”  It’s located in Grosvenor Square and looks like a plain side door to the hotel.  Guests have to knock on the door to enter and upon walking in, you feel like you’ve gone back in time to London in the 1920s.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect date spot for a visitor to London, extra points for my British guy that night.  He even posted an Instagram of our fancy cocktails, so you could say it was love over social media on a first date.

FullSizeRender 4

When I realized it was way past my bedtime for a weeknight, he called me an Uber back to my apartment and I woke up with a gin headache with my full clothes on.  He texted me in the morning saying that he woke up with his jeans and socks still on, so you could say it was a pretty successful first date, right…?  I guess that’s what happens when you skip dinner and go right to the gin :/

He wanted to get together this weekend, but I left town and went to Leuven, Belgium for two days. A friend of mine on Remote Year is from there and invited a group of us to his hometown to meet his friends and family and see where he’s from. It was such a fun weekend getting to meet his whole crew.

We went to the Stella Artois factory on Saturday afternoon and every girl was swooning over the hot bartender pouring the perfect Stella draught.  I kept drinking my beers as fast as possible so I could walk up to the bar to have him refill my drinks aka flirt with him.  When it was time for us to leave the factory, he wrote down his phone number on a Stella coaster and I think it’s a souvenir I will treasure 4ever.  After a BBQ that night, we went out to the main square to the bars and clubs and ended up meeting up with our new bartender friend.  The Belgian men are pretty darn good looking and I could get used to the fact that they love American girls.


Sadly I found out that the bartender has a GF so we didn’t fall in love, but I did get a text from the British guy about a second date, so there’s something to look forward to this week ❤  As much as I loved South America, this continent is working for me.




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