British Bummer

So last night, I was supposed to have my second date with the cute Brit that I went out with last week. Last week, he asked me out for a spur-of-the-moment date to be his +1 for a party. In last weeks recap blog post, you all know that of course I said yes, I aim to be as much of a spontaneous person as possible, and this was totally up my alley. We didn’t end up making it to the party but had a great time with each other at a few pubs around Mayfair, drinking one too many gin and tonics.

We texted a bit over the next few days and made plans to go out for Date #2 last night (Thursday). IMO, Thursday’s are prime date nights. It’s close enough to the weekend for you to want to drink and not risk having a week long hangover, but you still have the very wonderful excuse of “that damn morning meeting tomorrow” to call it a night if the date isn’t going as well as you had hoped.

Once the Thursday plans were made, I was pretty excited to see him and proceeded to tell all of my friends about my potential British BF. If we’re being honest, I was even thinking about weekend trips we could take together (wow, typing that up really just knocked me up into full blown crazy girl status).

He texted me on Tuesday saying that if the weather was nice, we could go to the park for some frisbee and prosecco and make ourselves a picnic. Okay I actually hate frisbee but I was willing to overlook that because what on earth could be cuter than a prosecco picnic in Hyde Park in London?

Of course with the idea of a picnic in my head, I had to figure out what outfit would work best. I was going to be sitting on a blanket in the grass, so a skirt wouldn’t cut it, and no chance I could wear my wedges if I was going to be attempting to play frisbee. And in case you don’t remember, I’m traveling for the year with one suitcase so my options are very limited. I have a few LuluLemon pants and even fewer sundresses, it’s hard to have a new #OOTD when I’ve been wearing the same clothes on repeat for the past 5 months. I settled on my red JCrew jersey knit dress with my Jack Rodgers sandals, knowing that the dress makes me look tan, and I can take the sandals off easily to run around in the grass. Phew, decision made.

I loaded up my purse with my makeup so I could refresh after work and headed into my company’s London office to work for the afternoon. I even stopped into Zara and bought a new dress just in case I changed my mind and didn’t want to wear the red dress on my date. Being a girl is hard.

All day at work, I was getting through the day by the promise of prosecco with a cute boy (with a British accent). I hadn’t heard from him so I decided to text him around 7:30 asking if we were still on for the night, and he responded in 30 seconds saying that yes we were! and that he was about to text me! I still had a bit of work to do so I wasn’t going to be able to leave right away but we kept texting and at 9:15, I got a dreaded text — “I’m pretty beat if I’m honest, sorry to be lame!”

Sorry, excuse me? 9:15 on a Thursday night and plans have been canceled… That can’t be real. I’m living in London for only one more week, Thursday is a prime night, I’m out of town this weekend and he has just canceled on me. That is the definition of rude. Don’t get me wrong, I understand being tired, but I don’t understand cancellations so last minute. At 9:30, it’s too late to make other plans, especially in London when bars close super early. It’s not like NYC where you can pretty much go anywhere until 4am, most bars here have last call around 10pm.

In all honesty, I was pretty tired too, but with the promise of a fun date I can always rally. I was annoyed, but left the office to head home and pack for my weekend trip. I got a good nights sleep, woke up early and now I’m in Soho waiting on line at The Breakfast Club to meet my cousin for brunch before work.

Who knows if I’ll hear from the Brit again, only a few more nights in London so I won’t hold my breath. But I am going to have a pretty fun weekend in Amsterdam with lots of new friends so good stories to come, guaranteed.

Ta-ta for now, cheerio! 🇬🇧


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