(Get it? Lol) London is where I belong. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now (after two… er… four glasses of rosé)

This is my last week living in London. And I know you’ve heard me say “I was meant to live in Buenos Aires!” or “Lima was made for me!” But I really do believe I was born to be European. Between my time spent living in Barcelona and Paris, many European vacations and now living in London, that’s the idea right now. The past three weeks in London have been some of the fastest in my life. I’ve been working from my company’s London office, working NYC hours, trying to see the sights (looking at you, Big Ben), meeting friends from home, and traveling on the weekends. Sleep is just not a priority and you know what? I’ll sleep in March, after Remote Year (maybe…).

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed out the other night when I was canceled on at the last minute. I was really excited about my second date with the cute Brit only to get a text that he was “too tired” — I’ll call bullshit on that one, I was probably double booked. We’re all guilty of that, not sure which date will be better so you book two for the same night. Well, his loss because I’m obviously more fun than the other chica but whatever, I’m over it now and I wish him the best in life. I’ll unfollow him on Instagram #burned

I was upset but quickly got over it when I remembered that one of my best childhood friends was coming to London the following day and we had dinner plans for Friday night. Dinner of course turned into a big night out until at 3am when I remembered that I had a flight to Amsterdam in 2 hours… thanks to a wonderful Uber driver, I made my flight by a few minutes.

I went to Amsterdam with my friend who recently moved to London, her boyfriend and a few of their friends. I’ve been before and am really in love with that city (and the men there are 🔥 which never hurts). I was hoping that sparks would fly with one of the cute guys in our crew but I think they friend-zoned me (if any of you are reading this… hello! I’m single!). We had such a fun weekend and it made me realize even more how much I’ve always loved Europe.

I arrived back to London last night, vowing to take tonight off and catch up on some Zzzzs. Clearly that didn’t happen, it’s now midnight and I’m on the tube home with a slight buzz. I was at the office and was talking to my friends about how sad I was to be leaving London so soon when a match popped up on Tinder from a cute Brit with one of the wittiest profiles I’ve ever seen, caught my eye for sure:


Grade A humor right there (he said the one about the grandparents was a joke…). I messaged him about the ratings as well as the fact that he’s drinking rosé in his picture #roseallday #yeswayrose 💕

He asked how long I would be in London for and sadly I’m moving on Saturday so he quickly responded asking what my plans were for the night. The pre – Tinder swiping plans included lots of sleep, but sleep can always wait.

I met him thirty minutes later at a pub in South Kensington and he was even cuter in person than in his profile pics. Tall with Warby Parker glasses, yes please. We got our drinks and set off to talking about the world. I told him about my Remote Year and he was instantly intrigued and was impressed that such a concept exists, and the fact that companies go for it. I just came from four months in South America, and he has been to all of the same spots as me… including a fun little place called Death Road in Bolivia, where, as chance would have it, he took a similar spill as me and we compared battle wounds.

Super cute, great conversation, but two glasses of wine was all we had. He had to get back to the office, as did I, and we had to call it a night. He walked me to the Tube station and told me to have a safe and wonderful rest of my travel year before giving me a kiss on both cheeks and sending me on my way.

Only spending a month in a city is tough when it comes to finding love, and sadly there will be second no date with the rosé-loving Tinder match.

However… I am giving myself a pretty generous pat on the back for the message I received out of the blue last night:

FullSizeRender 2

This was the dude I went out with while dressed like a Peruvian cholita in Cusco with last month!!!! I never thought I’d hear from him (I mean… why would I? I was absurd that night) but he reached out and called me beautiful 💕 Who would have thought?! Maybe I’ll see him again… crazier things have happened…!


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