Just Touched Down in Londontown

Am I the first person to say that? lol whatever After spending two weeks in CT / NYC / OGNJ, I flew across the pond to my newest home away from home in London. I loved spending time with all of my different crews in the States, but I was pretty excited to get back with... Continue Reading →


Somebody Finally Chekked Me Out

Let's get a few things straight: Bumble > Tinder Social > Tinder > Hinge > Ok Cupid > Happn > Spoonr (google this one) As mentioned in my last blog post, last week I was looking good and feeling even better. I was refreshed after carbo-loading in Paris, I spoke in public about my blog,... Continue Reading →


I was recently interviewed for my university's magazine, one step towards becoming an international traveler blogger (that's what this means.... right?) Transcribed here:     Growing up in a family that enjoyed travel, Casey Hekker'11 developed a love for exploring the world at an early age.  That passion deepened when she came to Elon. "I... Continue Reading →

From Casual Dater to Dating Blogger

All hope is not lost. And I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself this week.  Wanna know why? Before I went to Paris last weekend, I was going through a weird two weeks. I won't bore you with the details, but I wasn't myself and it was killing me. I was in a funk that... Continue Reading →

A Family Affair

Paris isn't called the City of Love for no reason. I'm on the flight home to Prague from Paris now, typing this up while brushing bread crumbs off my keyboard (shamelessly eating a baguette on the plane because... Paris). And what a rosé-filled wonderful weekend it was. Once upon a time, I called this beautiful city my home, living... Continue Reading →

Czech-Mate, No Date

I blew a date off yesterday. It wasn't my best move, and certainly not very nice of me, and I'm sure karma will get me back somehow.  I just... wasn't feelin' it. My last week in London, I was SO annoyed that I got blown off at the last minute. I was supposed to go on... Continue Reading →

Continent One and Done

I left South America a few weeks ago with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was going home to see my family and friends (and to eat buffalo wings) but on the other hand, I was leaving a continent that I fell in love with (and leaving the world of llamas). When I stepped off... Continue Reading →

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