Continent One and Done

I left South America a few weeks ago with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was going home to see my family and friends (and to eat buffalo wings) but on the other hand, I was leaving a continent that I fell in love with (and leaving the world of llamas). When I stepped off the plane in Cordoba, Argentina, I had no idea what to expect for the upcoming year. There were a few familiar faces that I had met at a happy hour back in January but other than that, the whole thing was a mystery to me. It was tough to say goodbye to my life in NYC, but I knew that I was ready for the adventure that was ahead of me.



And what an adventure it’s been (sounds cliche, but it’s true). In the four months that I lived in South America, I had enough experiences to last a lifetime. I made amazing friends, drank lots of Argentinean wine, danced all night long, went on fun dates, broke my collarbone, took a million llama selfies and saw some of the most beautiful places on earth. To say I’m the luckiest person in the world is an understatement.


There were some ups and downs… The low point definitely being that time when I wished my mom a not-so-Happy Mother’s Day from a Bolivian hospital. And then one of the highs was seeing Machu Picchu with my brother and sister. It’s tough to conceptualize all that we did in four months, but it’s even more exciting to know that I’ll be back in South America and I’ll get to explore some of the places I haven’t been to yet like Patagonia, Colombia and Rio to name a few.


It was a quick four months down South with memories, selfies and blog posts that I’ll have forever. I left Cusco a week early and was greeted at JFK Airport with a large Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee by Family Jules #homesweethome. I spent the first week being wined and dined with the Js and Grover in CT and then headed to the beach.  Being back with my OG crew made me happier than anything, especially since I made it back in time for the 4th of July Bike Tour. Which I obviously was unable to bike, given the whole sling situation… but I at least got to walk / uber along with the rest of the pack.



My two weeks at home were anything but relaxing – I spent time with my family, friends from home / Elon / OG  and my IAS crwe who I’ve been missing over the past four months (Thank G for FaceTime).

One thing that was even more special about my time at home was getting to see my Grandmother one last time. It was almost as if she knew I was coming home to see her, give her my postcards from South America and give her a last hug before she passed away. It was a sad time but I’m so grateful that I was able to be home with my family.


The past few months have gone by faster than I ever could have imagined. I got to see and do so much, but the funny thing about travel is realizing how many more places there are to go in this amazing world we live in. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, it took some luck, a supportive company and a big leap of faith…Now it’s time for Continent 2!


But in honor of my llove of South America, enjoy the film below by my amigo Patrick:



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