Czech-Mate, No Date

I blew a date off yesterday. It wasn’t my best move, and certainly not very nice of me, and I’m sure karma will get me back somehow.  I just… wasn’t feelin’ it.

My last week in London, I was SO annoyed that I got blown off at the last minute. I was supposed to go on my second date with the cute British guy, bought a new dress, told everyone how excited I was and then got the dreaded “Hey sorry.. tonight won’t work” text. I went on a rant about how canceling on someone last minute is so rude and that he should have been more considerate and blah blah blah #overhim nonsense.  And then what did I do yesterday? I canceled on a date shortly before we were supposed to meet.

To provide some context, I moved to Prague last week from London. I wasn’t ready to leave London yet. I had been making new friends at my company’s UK office, I was meeting cute boys, I was shopping at Zara and I was drinking lots of rosé. London is a place I could 100% see myself living, and who knows? Maybe that’ll happen one day, but for now I’m continuing my life on the open road. And on my last night in London, that road took me from a bar to a nightclub to my apartment to grab my suitcases  and then to Heathrow airport at 4am for my Prague-bound flight. I made my flight (was physically, not mentally, there) and cried about the fact that I didn’t have enough time in London to go on more dates.

As soon as I put my new SIM card in my iPhone upon arrival in Prague, you can bet that I started swiping right away. I was eager to get the game started. I changed my “About Me” from “looking for a British accent” to “looking for a foreign accent to show me around Prague” because I think there are a lot of guys from all over Europe who come to Prague (mainly for Stag parties) and I didn’t want to exclude any potential suitors.

I’ve been chatting with a few guys on the app and gave my Whatsapp digits to two guys so far. One of the guys was supposed to be my date on Sunday afternoon until I changed my mind. Usually (as you are obviously aware) I love dates and meeting new people, but I was in no mood for it yesterday.  I had a tough few days of work last week, I went out Friday and Saturday nights and then by yesterday afternoon, I was completely drained. I was supposed to do a walking tour of Prague, of which I walked away from the guide 10 minutes in, and then over a glass of rosé with a friend in Old Towne Square, I decided I wasn’t up for the date.

My Czech date and I were supposed to meet up by the Prague Castle at 5pm and were going to wander around the area with him as my un-official tour guide. Seeing as I had already blown off one tour for the day, I figured I needed to stick with the theme. It was easier for me to get an ice cream cone with my friends than think about what tram to take to meet this guy and then carry on a conversation with a stranger for no less than an hour. Could.Not.Handle. I debated on what to text him for a solid 15 minutes until finally settled on the fact that my roommate had her family in town and I had already committed to meeting them for an early dinner that she just reminded me about.

I felt bad as soon as I pressed send, and then threw my phone into my purse so I didn’t have to see the response right away.  He seemed bummed out but understood, and maybe I’ll make plans with him when I get back from my weekend trip to Paris next week. I wouldn’t have been good company and I’d rather reschedule for another time when I’m back on my game.

I’ve been messaging another Czech dude who seems super nice, I might try to set up a date with him for either coffee before work or for a happy hour drink this week, we’ll see what happens there.

In other news, I’m going back to my old stomping grounds in Paris this weekend and am SO excited to get back to the City of Love. Maybe I’ll have some dating stories from there, bisous.

And in other, other news, I just reached Tinder Match #500. This milestone in my swiping-career seems rather pathetic that out of those 500, I am… still single.


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