From Casual Dater to Dating Blogger

All hope is not lost. And I’m feeling pretty damn good about myself this week.  Wanna know why?

Before I went to Paris last weekend, I was going through a weird two weeks. I won’t bore you with the details, but I wasn’t myself and it was killing me. I was in a funk that I couldn’t snap out for some reason, and nobody else could snap me out of it either.  But then I went to Paris and all was right in the world again. I was back in my second home, walking around familiar neighborhoods, and eating as much bread as I possibly could. And even though I never got a text from the cute waiter (from my last blog post), I went back to Prague as good as new. And damn it felt good to be back.

(side note – I’m typing this from a cafe in Prague and the couple sitting at the table in front of me is making out. Here I am, wiring a post about being single AF and they are literally in my face, being quite the opposite of single. It’s too early and too public for me to be seeing this right now)

So back to my life. As I was saying, last week was a good week for me.  I was asked to speak at an event that we have each month called The Junction, organized by Remote Year. Our leaders who organize it choose a theme and then invite a few people from our community to speak as well as local contacts from the city as well.  This month’s theme was “Stories by Authors” and I was asked to talk about what I love most: love.

Typically, I only ever tell my friends these ridiculous stories that I have, but I would not think of myself as an author at all whatsoever. I have no background in writing, no training on the subject, and nobody who really edits out any of this (sorry for the grammar errors along the way). If you can’t tell, I pretty much just write the stories in the exact same way that I tell them out loud.

But whatever, they asked me to present and I figured what could be a better “growth-zone” type thing than getting up in front of 40-ish (maybe more?) people and trying to make them laugh about this fun hobby that I have. This is clearly the first step on my path to success. I’m on the way to fame and fortune (and maybe finding a boyfriend!)!

I put on my “beso blouse” that I wore to Tinderball back in Buenos Aires along with my cute ripped jeans and wedges that for some reason had made it into my suitcase for the year. Looking good, feeling good.  Hopefully I didn’t sound too nervous, or say “like” or “umm” too many times, but I got like 2 new followers on my Instagram, so you could say I killed it.


Feel free to chekkout my podcast of my recap here:

There was a very cute guy from Prague sitting near me at The Junction who I wanted to flirt with, but of course I had just talked my dating blog so didn’t know if he would be interested after knowing my secrets. Sadly my attempts at flirting with him were wildly unsuccessful, and my roommate and I made our Uber go through a drive-through McDonald’s on the way home, wondering why those boys didn’t think that we were pretty. Slight blow to the ego when you’re eating chicken mcnuggets at the end of the night instead of hanging out with cute boys. I wonder if they’re reading this blog now that they know about it…? Well, if you are, boy from Prague and his friend, your loss.

And then after I woke up the next day with a slight hangover and McDonald’s wrappers in the kitchen, my luck changed. And a big shoutout to a fun new thing called Tinder Social. And an even bigger shoutout to Bumble. That’ll be the next blog post, and let’s just say, I’m officially back.




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