Somebody Finally Chekked Me Out

Let’s get a few things straight:

Bumble > Tinder Social > Tinder > Hinge > Ok Cupid > Happn > Spoonr (google this one)

As mentioned in my last blog post, last week I was looking good and feeling even better. I was refreshed after carbo-loading in Paris, I spoke in public about my blog, I went to a Disclosure concert, I had a Community Women dinner with a view of the Charles Bridge and thennnn I created a Tinder Social group with my friend Z. It was a really great few days, but I was pretty sure I could make it even better.

I had Friday off from work, big TY to my company for the wonderful idea of Summer Fridays (!) that allow us to not check work emails all day long. My friends and I rented peddle boats, got a few beers and enjoyed the beautiful day boating down the Vltava. When the rest of the crew had to head into the office, I figured I would take it easy, maybe do laundry and take a nap.

But… then I (obviously) started swiping and found a HOTTTT dude on Bumble. Hellooooo midwestern boy from Oklahoma (while in Prague, lol). We sent a few messages back and forth before he asked my afternoon plans and we decided to meet for a drink or two near Old Town Square. And boy when I tell you he was hot, I’m not lying. Tall, blonde, tennis player type look to him, and as polite as they get. We sat at a cafe outside for a glass of rosé and a beer and he proceeded to tell me about growing up in Missouri, going to school in Oklahoma and living in Texas. He then asked me if I say that I live “on Manhattan” or “in Manhattan” because it’s an island he has yet to discover.

He had been traveling for two weeks with a friend and said he was ready to get back to life in TX, back to his own bed, shower and a laundry machine. Don’t get me wrong, those are things that I don’t take for granted, but when I told him I’ve been traveling for almost 7 months, his mind was blown. I had to clarify that it’s not like I’m backpacking, but to him, it was an insane concept.  He also told me that his rent in Texas was only $480/month and then asked for separate checks when we were getting the bill for our drinks. Not to sound bratty, but whaaattttt, Prague is pretty damn cheap, but whatever. He was nice but boring so we parted ways and I wished him a safe flight home. Very handsome, but see ya never. I met my friends for dinner and had a very fun night, which led to a very not fun hangover the next day, but we rallied at night for a beer drinking competition (classy AF) followed by a Tinder Social date.

Haven’t heard of Tinder Social yet? Let me enlighten you on the joys of this new feature of the traditional Tinder app that we all know and love (or hate to love / love to hate).

Instead of a normal Tinder (or other app date) date that’s usually just one-on-one, Tinder Social is more about making new friends and having a fun night than going on a date with a stranger. I would never give up a Saturday night (a prime night) to go on a first date, but a Tinder Social date on a Saturday is the way to go.

Z and I matched with a few groups of boys but there was one group in particular that we kept the convo up with. Three Aussies who had been living in Prague for 8 months and they invited us to come out with them so they could show off their city. We met the guys at a pub for some beers before heading to a club across the street. Turns out they were just backpacking around Europe, they don’t actually live in Prague (all the lies!) but they still showed us a good time so we couldn’t give a crap about the lies they were telling.

Our third friend didn’t answer her phone to come join us (looking at you, D) as there were three Aussies, but that just meant that Z and I options to choose who we wanted. We took Jager bombs and headed out to the dance floor with our Aussie trio following behind us. They were so fun and helped us fend off some weirdos who were getting a little too close on the d-floor. Z and I never had the convo about which boy we wanted to hang out with, but we were both content with our choices.

Sadly the Aussies had a 9am train to Amsterdam on Sunday morning so we friended each other on Facebook and said our goodbyes before they hit the road. I cannot imagine having to get on any mode of transportation after staying out as late as we did, I was perfectly content watching Gilmore Girls in my bed Only moved once to get lunch and snacks around the corner and then got right back in bed until 10pm Sunday night.

While watching Gilmore Girls, I was also (again, obviously) swiping on the apps. And on Bumble, I realized that I had matched with a super cute guy from Canada.  Although my Bumble date on Friday wasn’t the most exciting, it still goes to show that here are some good looking guys on that app. The Canadian and I had sent a few messages back and forth on Saturday night and then he asked me what my Sunday plans were. I saw the message on Sunday morning and wrote back to him, saying that my current status was eating a Magnum ice cream bar in my bed. He and I messaged back and forth all afternoon, essentially fighting over who was more hungover. I thought I was winning but he was holding his own, eating M&Ms in bed watching Netflix as well.

Also – this was in his profile, LOL to the “someone date me pls” which is basically the same as me begging someone to marry me… and I love pizza – are we soulmates?


We were quickly becoming penpals, which as you recall from past blog posts, I hate more than anything. What is the point of taking all day, or even for a few days and then never making a plan to actually meet? I’m being dramatic by saying I hate it more than anything because obviously the attention is nice, but I don’t want to just be constantly having an online convo if there is no end goal to meet IRL.

So finally dude asks if I was down to get outta bed to meet on Sunday night. He was cute and I love first dates, so I got my ass in the shower and put some mascara on. I met him at a cool cocktail bar down by the river called Hemingway’s and we hit it off instantly.  He had been traveling with a friend for a month and this was the last night on his Euro-Tour (why do I always find guys on their last night?). He loved the idea of Remote Year and was so interested, asking me tons of questions about it which of course I could talk about for days. He’s a freelance travel photographer (as well as a wedding photographer – ummmm hellooo what) which allowed him to take a month off to travel. Not to mention that he’s also a hockey player, skiier and surfer. Chekk, chekk, chekk.

I travel, he travels.

I play(ed) hockey, he plays hockey.

I (terribly attempt to) surf, he surfs.

I ski, he skis.

I take selfies, he’s a photographer.

Could there be a more perfect match made in Bumble heaven? Unlike other first dates that can be a bit awkward with forced conversation, this was so fun and felt like we’ve known each other forever. Sadly the night had to end because he had a super early flight out the next morning, despite my attempts to get him to stay another few days.

We said our goodbyes and I told him to come back and visit me somewhere else along the road, and he also said I was welcome in Canada after whatever the F goes on with the US elections this year… yikes.

After I stopped crying about the loss of that love, I sent him a message telling him that I wish he could have stayed longer. And then a day went back with no answer. I lost all hope. Did I dream this whole night? Did he even exist? What happened that I thought it was so amazing, and then I didn’t even get a text back? Did he not think that I was pretty?

And then he responded. And all was right with the world again.

I’m not gonna say that the blog is over now. But I wouldn’t be sad if it was.



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