Just Touched Down in Londontown

Am I the first person to say that? lol whatever

After spending two weeks in CT / NYC / OGNJ, I flew across the pond to my newest home away from home in London. I loved spending time with all of my different crews in the States, but I was pretty excited to get back with my Remote Year fam.

We spent the month of July in a co-working / co-living place called The Collective, essentially a college dorm for adults – roommates, laundry room, shared kitchen, restaurant downstairs and I think there was a movie theater but I never actually found it. In theory, it’s a living situation I would love – I loved college so obviously would prefer to live in a place with all of my friends right next door. However, the month was so busy that I was barely even with the RY crew. The Collective was also a bit of a tube ride from the city, so I would leave early the morning and get home late at night (s/o to RY for providing us with unlimited Oyster cards).


My company has an office in London which is where I spent my workdays. The office is located right on Regent Street in Piccadilly Circus, a beautiful area in the middle of London, packed with tourists and just about every shop you could imagine. TG the Pound is the lowest it’s ever been right now because let’s just say that my suitcase is a bit heavier now after all of the time I spent at Zara and TopShop.

I absolutely loved working at the London office. It was Month #5 of RY and it felt great to get some face-time in and to get to know my colleagues in London.


On my first weekend in Europe, I flew to Belgium with about 18 friends to see where our beloved Brecht grew up. He organized and planned the trip to his hometown of Leuven, complete with parties, a tour of the Stella Factory and walking tours that I did not partake in due to too much Stella the night before (whoops). We did a horse and carriage ride around Brussels instead (Euros well spent to be as lazy as possible on a Sunday afternoon).





I got back to London needing a detox away from beer, waffles and french fries but how does a detox work when you’re basically on vacation mode for a year? If anyone has any tips, feel free to shout them out.

The detox lasted a hot second before I hopped on a flight the following weekend to Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities in the world.  Unsure of how I made my Saturday AM flight seeing as dinner the night before with the Leitner fam kept me out past my bedtime, but nonetheless I was in Amsterdam by early Saturday morning.





Amsterdam is amazing. People are friendly, the canals are beautiful and I went with a solid group of new friends. I took a timeout from RY for the weekend and went with my friend who recently moved to London and some of her friends (my new BFFs). We spent one night in Amsterdam and the second night in the Hague to get some beach time in. And also saw one of the best sunsets of my life, so many great Instagram photo opps for the weekend #instafamous



July was a whirlwind month that almost felt like a break from Remote Year.We are all in different directions and on different schedules for the month. I had a blast reconnecting with friends in London but I knew I was ready to get to Prague and get back in the RY lifestyle.





On to the next! Cheerio for now!

Prague in August = Praugust (did I spell it right that time?)


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