Tinder plus, a business expense

Yes, you read that correctly. $34.99 for a six month subscription that will auto-renew and charge my iTunes account after these first six months are up. But I better not get to that point. The hope is that I’ll have a boyfriend within the next six months and I can delete Tinder altogether (a girl... Continue Reading →


Working on my Global Degree

Always say yes (within reason and depends on the situation, obviously...) but for the most part, say yes.  This has been quite a year of "yes" - why would you not want to learn how to play polo in Buenos Aires?  Why wouldn't you say yes to biking down a mountain called Death Road in Bolivia?... Continue Reading →

Until he didn’t chekk me out again

He must have died. That's literally the only excuse. Either that or he's gay. I thought I was going to be Canadian. I'd spend Month #13 in Vancouver and fall in love with a wedding photographer and live happily ever after. How wrong I was. I hate being wrong. I hate losing. I hate being... Continue Reading →

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