Working on my Global Degree

Always say yes (within reason and depends on the situation, obviously…) but for the most part, say yes.  This has been quite a year of “yes” – why would you not want to learn how to play polo in Buenos Aires?  Why wouldn’t you say yes to biking down a mountain called Death Road in Bolivia? And don’t think about ever saying no to a Tinder Social date in Serbia.

Last week, I was second guessing everything after not getting a text back from that guy on Bumble.  I wrote about it, made a podcast about it, talked to my friends about it, and still couldn’t figure out why I was spending so much time wondering what the F*@& happened (probably because I’m crazy, now that I’m typing  this out… yikes).

And then I got it out of my head and went on with my life. I kept swiping throughout the week and when Friday rolled around, my friends and I made a Tinder Social group to see what kind of talent there was for the night in Belgrade. A few of us went to dinner and then to a Splav (clubs that are on boats/rafts in the river), but didn’t meet any men that night because of another experience I’ve encountered with men here (ask for the story in person, it’s good, I promise).

We stayed out past my bedtime, and I woke up on Saturday morning with big plans of getting lunch, working on the outline of this blog, and spending the rest of the day in bed before my 6am flight to Copenhagen.

And then I got a text from Danielle that just said – “The boys have soccer tickets for us. Just say yes.”  The boys that she was referring to were a Canadian trio who were in Belgrade for the weekend. We matched with them on Tinder Social, they seemed fun (and so stinkin cute), and who I was kidding about going to sleep early?

Not to mention the small fact that content for a dating blog doesn’t come from going to bed early.

We met the boys near their hostel, chatted for a few minutes and then tried to hail a cab to the game. Well apparently soccer games in Serbia can be a bit of a mess, so cab drivers are reluctant to take people there (especially 5 foreigners, 2 wearing opposing team flags). But as luck would have it, we wound up in a taxi van with a group of Germans heading the same direction.


We had our tickets and headed into the game, passing hundreds of armed guards ready for anything that could go down in the stadium, a bit nerve-wracking TBH. But once we made it in, the spirit inside was insane. So much pride for the teams, we were barely watching the game and were more interested in what the fans were doing.

And one awesome little fact about our dates is that they’re traveling to every single country in the world and documenting it all all for a web series.  Yep, that’s right. Every.Single.Country.  I thought I was badass by doing Remote Year but these dudes blow that outta the water.  They’re going to all of the countries, and then they’re about to launch their company called Global Degree – basically facilitating people to travel to every country  while also getting an education at the same time. It’s amazing and insane, and I have so many more questions for them.


But anyway, back to the date. So they were able to bring their camera gear into the game and since they had the camera gear (and a lot of confidence), they got us right past a guard and up to the roof of the stadium as “press.”  See this camera? Press, obviously.  We got to look over the whole stadium and I can’t wait to see the pictures and footage that they have. Going to any kind of sporting event in a different country is always an adventure, and these boys were so fun to hang out with, so we invited them to our friend’s birthday party later that evening.



We parted ways after the game for a quick shower and then the boys came to meet up with us later for the birthday. And let me just tell you that when we got to the party with them, everyone’s heads were turning.  Most of the time, it’s our own RY crew partying together with a few new friends coming every so often, but when we showed up with 3 new dudes, the rest of the group was wondering who was up for grabs. Thirsty b*tches… lol.

But of course of all nights, I had to leave for the airport at 4:30am for a flight to Copenhagen (life is very hard, I know). I wasn’t ready to part ways with our new friends after such a fun day, not to mention we were their first Tinder Social date!

Since they’ll be traveling the globe for the next however many years, I have a feeling I’ll cross paths with them again soon. Gotta keep up with my own Global Degree and now I know just the guy to help me out. Isn’t it funny that he’s from Vancouver also? Maybe I am Canadian after all (and if he’s reading this, I promise I’m not crazy. I swear.).


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  1. ​Casey, Sounds like the soccer match was fun! That was Annie in one of the previous swimming pictures, right.

    On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:56 PM, A Case for Love wrote:

    > c posted: “Always say yes (within reason and depends on the situation, > obviously…) but for the most part, say yes. This has been quite a year > of “yes” – why would you not want to learn how to play polo in Buenos > Aires? Why wouldn’t you say yes to biking down a m” >


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