Dating Abroad: Locals v Expats

One thing that I kinda figured (/assumed) would happen while traveling the world is that I would meet some international man of mystery from an exotic country, fall in love and then move to one of his estates  (and then have the whole “happily ever after” thing).

Well… it’s been 8 months on the road, and so far, my luck with the international men is slim to meh. Not to say that it’s not possible, and I’m certainly not ruling out any opportunities that are waiting for me, but there’s something to be said for meeting expats while on the road. And by “expats,” I’m not strictly talking about guys who have permanently moved to one of the many cities I’ve gone to, but maybe they’re traveling through, off to see parts of the world that are different from where they live. And for the most part, the ones that I’ve met and hit it off with on the road are Americans, Canadians, and Australians.

When I was living in NYC, I was going on dates with the stereotypical “New York City Finance Bro.” You all know who I’m talking about — good-looking guys in suits, Hamptons share houses, and can be always found at Dorian’s at 3am. I had fun with them (guilty as charged) but there was something holding me back from ever actually dating one of them. I hate to generalize because I’m sure they’re not all the same, but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

A friend of mine told me about a date that she went on somewhat recently with a dude who had never left New York before. He has never, in his life, traveled outside of the state. Grew up there, went to college there, works there, goes to the gym there, and has all of his family and friends there. So why would there be any reason to leave?


Luckily it wasn’t me on that date because I can only talk about NY for so long before I want to hear about where you’ve traveled to, where you want to travel to, and where I’ve gone / where I’m going. (and FTR, that was their only date as well).

So even though I hadn’t have much luck with Americans back home, there’s something to be said for meeting guys with similar backgrounds while out of your hometowns / cities / states / countries. There’s a common bond that ties travelers together, and your ability to share experiences, learn about new cultures together and tell stories about life on the road is something that doesn’t typically happen while still in your comfort zones of home.

I’ve gone on countless dates with guys from other countries and while it’s exciting and new and fun (and funny to use Google Translate) I have to say that my best dates have been with the Aussies, Canadians and American boys. We don’t have to push through the cultural differences and are able to relate on such a different level right off the bat.

More on those stories to come… but in the meantime I’m over here breaking out into hives about the thought of ever dating in NYC again after reading this article:


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  1. True that you need a soulmate, one that relates in many (hopefully not all) ways with each other. We hope you find that person soon, so that you can share adventures across the globe together.


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