People doing cooler shit than you 

(and me for that matter)

So I thought that I was a pretty badass traveler, with the whole traveling for a year thing and living out of one suitcase nonsense that is hard to imagine for many people. But then I’ve met some other people along the way who have made my year seem like kid stuff compared to what they’re doing, whether it’s the Global Degree guys who are traveling to every country in the whole world, or two guys that I just met this past week, let me tell you about badasses…

Example 1 —

I went on a date on Sunday night with a Croatian dude, born and raised here, living between Split, Brac and Hvar Island. Talk about a sick place to grow up, and it comes as no surprise that he owns a boat and has been sailing his whole life. He and I matched on the app and were chatting all day Saturday and then on Sunday he asked if I wanted to get a drink and chill later that evening after I was done cliff jumping (that makes me badass, right?). Obviously the answer was yes, and I met up with him in Old Town that night.

We got beers and hung out in the center of the square, listening to a guy play the guitar and chatting about our life stories. His mind was blown when I told him that I was born in Manhattan, whereas I thought it was so cool that he grew up on the islands in Croatia. I told him all about Remote Year and he couldn’t believe that something of the sort exists (I still can’t really believe it either, tbh).

But enough about me, I wanted to know about him, and he told me that he was leaving in 3 days to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. He was offered a spot on a boat with 8 guys to sail from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean and he was starting to pack for the true adventure of a lifetime. He said it so casually that it took me a few minutes to register how insane and awesome that actually is, and I of course launched into 20 Questions, wanting to know every step of the way.

Since it’s becoming the off-season in Croatia, there’s no work for a sailor now. So he and his buddies are going to see what the scene is in the Caribbean. They have no return tickets and have no idea how long they’ll go for, truly winging it once they make it across the whole entire ocean. Sailing across the ocean isn’t exactly on my bucket list, but now I’m following him on Instagram so if he happens to get wifi out there I can live vicariously through the pics.

Sadly it wasn’t a love connection, but it was cool to walk around Old Town in Split with a local to learn a bit about Croatia. I said Bon Voyage to the Croatian sailer and ate pizza on my walk home and then watched an episode of Gossip Girl. Solid Sunday night.

Example 2 —

I met a guy in Dubrovnik who is currently riding a motorcycle from Cambodia to London. Yep. That’s correct… he’s been on the road for almost 8 months now, and has ridden through most of Asia and now he’s in Eastern Europe before going the rest of the way west. I thought this was going to be a shorter post but the story is actually a bit longer and is kind of still continuing sooo I’ll leave it here for now and will have a pretty good post in a few days, stay tuned…


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