Happy 1 year anniversary to me

Today marks a very special occasion that I would have forgotten about had I not looked at my TimeHop app this morning.

One year ago today, I was creating this very blog and the Instagram to go along with it. And one year later, I am just as single as I was those 365 days ago. Go me.

But instead of me being single in NYC (and wanting to hide in the corner of Equinox when I would see someone I had a terrible date with), I’m in Croatia and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m killin’ the game. Croatian Casey in full force here. Maybe it’s my tan skin, or my beachy waves, or the fact that people are beyond confused why there’s an American living in Split but w/e, I don’t ask questions, I just keep swiping and falling in love.

To take you down memory lane for a bit, it all started when I would go to work with a little mascara on and an outfit that was a little nicer than my uniform of leggings and an oversized sweater. My friends would instantly notice the change and would know right off the bat that I most likely had a date that night. I would tell them all about the pre-date buildup, where we were going, and how excited I was at the possibility of the night.

And then the next day, I would show up at work with a story to share. Sometimes good, most of the times…ugh.

But now I’m a #digitalnomad and I’m dating up a storm around this wonderful world that we live in, looking for love in all corners of the globe. South America boyfriends? European lovers? And in a few short days I’ll be in Southeast Asia and have already started swiping for Malaysia.

How did I celebrate my anniversary you ask?

Went on a Tinder date, duh. More details on that to come…

Cheers to the next 365 of #singlelife

(top photo: Unsplash.com)

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