Snubbed at the club

I am angry, and think I have almost every right to be.

I guess angry is an overstatement — annoyed is more valid.

So yeah, I’m annoyed because a guy I knew snubbed me on Saturday night, and that shit doesn’t fly in my book.

Remember when I went on a Tinder date to celebrate my 1-year-anniversary of the blog? Well, this is the story to go along with it (ironic, right? Maybe it’s karma).

I matched with a cute American guy who just so happened to be in my small little Croatian town at the same time. We chatted about why we were both here and for how long, him asking me how I liked it and me talking about my love for the water and going for runs along the beach every day (I should probably be skinnier by now).

We held a decent convo over the Tinder app for 2 solid days, when finally I told him we were moving the convo to WhatsApp and his response was “Finally!” (he could have asked me for my digits earlier…)

But whatever, now that the convo didn’t involve me having to open Tinder, the next step was to have him ask me to hang out and to avoid the pitfalls of the dreaded penpal situation.

One thing that I can’t forget to acknowledge is the fact that I work EST in Croatia, so that limits my time for dates. It’s tough to make plans with someone, knowing that I have to be plugged in until at least 11p M-F, but I’ve made it work before so this time shouldn’t be any different.

We were texting quite a bit when I was finishing up my work for the night when he told me that he hadn’t gone swimming yet in Croatia. I joked and asked him when we were going to meet on the beach for a swim when he replied with “15–20 minutes?”

My date and I ended up meeting on the beach the next day for a jump in the ocean and after he showed off with a backflip, I followed suit. Anything a boy can do, I can do better. And then I scraped up my legs on some rocks (a week later and the cuts on my leg are still no bueno). I survived, in case you were worried.

He was pretty cool and we had fun, we even talked about making plans for the rest of our time in Croatia together. He proceeded to text me for the next few days, but it turned from ‘let’s hang out’ to ‘just checking in’ read: penpal. I was busy at work and had friends coming to visit so I wasn’t really available to hang out with him, but I still would have appreciated the invite.

And then on Saturday, I was walking our little RY pup with some friends when I got a text from said boy asking what I was up to, and he came to meet up with us to jump off some nearby cliffs. I guess I didn’t say, “I’m with my 2 friends and a dog, come hang out” but he got there and seemed totally confused and awkward about the fact that I wasn’t flying solo. He barely acknowledged my two friends and spoke about 3–5 words total to me before saying that he was a bit tired and was gonna head home for a nap.

Okay bye! It was weird and confusing but whatever because I got a text from him later that night asking what my plan was. I was with some friends and we decided to go dancing so I let him know and didn’t hear a peep for the rest of the night… until I got to le club and spotted him across the bar. I didn’t want to seem like the desperate chick, and I was having fun with my own friends so I didn’t walk over to him, I obviously wanted him to look over, see how much fun I was having, and then come over to say hi.

Well… that never happened. I was up at the bar getting a drink for myself when he walked by, I tapped him on the shoulder to say hi and he looked at me and kept walking.

WTF. Seriously. Snubbed at the club, in front of my friend. After he had been blowing up my spot to hang out, and then blew me off? No thank you.

I spent the next 5–10 minutes deciding on whether to go up to him and tell him off or not, and ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth it and that I was having fun with my own friends and didn’t need to waste my breath on a d-bag like that. I continued the night dancing with my crew until 4am, never crossing paths with him, or caring what the f he was doing with his night (/life).

I didn’t hear from him for a few days, but the weird thing is that he had added me on Snapchat (before we even met) and is always one of the first people to view my stories. He looks at my ish but doesn’t text me? What is the point? This is the confusing part of living / dating in 2016, social media f*cks with our heads for real.

So now it’s been a few days, and I’m moving to a new continent on Saturday so I can tell that boy baiiiiiiii. Except for the fact that I got drunk last night and texted him, only to have him respond this morning with, “Was that a bootycall?” Whoops.

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