Ciao, Croatia

Despite my best efforts to swipe right for every guy on Tinder with a boat (/yacht) picture in his profile, I left the continent just as single as I had arrived four months earlier.  I was, however, leaving with a little less money in my bank account and a little bit more weight around my waistline.


If you didn’t know me and were to only know me through my social media platforms, you would see that Croatia was my happiest self.  I worked out, went to the beach, spent time on boats, ate amazing seafood, drank delicious wine and met some pretty awesome guys.


Croatia won.  I won in Croatia.  It was awesome.  Minus the whole still-being-single part, but that just added to the fun part I think.  No reason to settle down when there are plenty of fish in the Adriatic Sea.


I spent one weekend on a yacht with friends (which also happened to include a super hot friend of a friend from the states).  I met a guy riding a motorcycle from Malaysia to London (see: “People doing cooler shit than you”).  I went out with a Croatian guy who’s currently sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean (someone else doing cooler shit than you).  And then I went out with a California dude with a ridiculous leg tat who turned out to be a dud (and then he snubbed me at the club, not cool bro).  I also had a v quick little fling with a guy who works on the Hvar ferry as a boat bouncer LOL.  And by fling I mean that we drank champagne on the top deck of the ferry while he was working and then he gave me a massage (still LOL-ing remembering how silly this was), and then he texted me for two weeks but never asked me out on a date, probably because he was 21… another LOL.


So even though I may not have a boyfriend after my wonderfully amazing month in the dreamy beachside town of Split, I did get more than a few 100% stories and made a few new friends along the way.  Ask me for the rest of the details in person, worth it I swear 😉



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  1. Nobody’s doing cooler shit than me! I’ve had lots of you globe trotting, pic taking, blog making, single being hot chicks like you come through here. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome #Yosemite #DoubleRainbowGuy


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