Drinking and dating around the world

Here’s the rundown of what I drank and where I went on dates: 

Argentina: Fernet and Coke (and a story to go with too much Fernet…)

Bolivia: pepto bismol (because you don’t go on dates, you stay home with food poisoning)

Peru: Pisco Sour

England: Mint Julep

Belgium: Stella Artois

Czech Republic: Kozel Beer

Serbia: Rakia (never again)

Croatia: Rosé and Champagne on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea

Malaysia: Tiger Beer

Thailand: Chang Beer

Cambodia: Angkor Beer

Vietnam: Saigon Beer

…and here I am in Vietnam, very single and borderline alcoholic with my rice patty hat

(andddd these pictures are all from unsplash.com because I suck at taking pictures)


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