I’m back. 

380 days and 22 countries later, back home in NYC. Murray Hill to be exact. And no boyfriend in sight.

Not exactly how I envisioned the end of my Remote Year to go, but I guess it would have been a bit difficult if I had fallen madly in love with a guy in a country far far away. Especially given the fact that I knew I’d be moving back to the States at the end of my epic adventure. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t end the year without getting more A+ stories along the way.

When I was living in Asia from Nov — March, there’s a little known fact that I had to work East Coast hours. AKA I was a vampire alien, starting my workday at 9pm and finishing up around 6 or 7am. It was weird AF, but also meant that I could be in Asia and that was 100% worth it. Only thing was that it made my dating life a little difficult, but don’t worry, I managed just fine.

So now that I’m back in NYC working normal NYC hours, I’ll be taking the next few weeks to recap the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre experiences while looking for love in Asia. Oh, and I’m also starting to write my book that includes the details that my blog doesn’t… any and all guest contributions and stories welcome, I know I’m not the only one with some good stories up my dress sleeve.


3 thoughts on “I’m back. 

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  1. Thrilled you are home, can’t wait to read all about your Asian dating escapades!


  2. Hey Casey!
    So excited to hear about your stories and that you are putting together a book! I have more than a couple stories that might be fun for you to include in your book if you want! I’m not ready to publish them yet myself but I have some great ones that might be perfect for your book 🙂 I’m moving to San Franciso in a couple weeks finishing up my last month in Buenos Aires, already have a musician boyfriend here of course leaving a toothbrush after 3 dates and writing he loves me in the fog of my bathroom mirror…

    Kelli Lampkin
    +1 650 307 0100


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