Back on the Cleanse

Coming back from a year around the world does a lot to a person. I’ve seen amazing places, eaten everything (noticeably, but worth it), met incredible people, and went on a million dates (I really should do an official tally of them).

Some good, some horrible, some meh, some LOL and some that lasted 72 hours.

A true world-wide whirlwind with stories for dayzzzz that I’ll eventually write down, but to go from being one of **the two prettiest blondes at the party in Serbia** to being in NYC where every girl is prettier, more successful, and skinnier than the next, it’s a shock to the system.

Which is exactly why I took the summer off from dating. I wanted to focus on me. It was time for me to be completely selfish, get back to the gym (s/o to Barry), focus on my career, and get more than 3 hours of sleep a night.

I deleted my dating apps and promptly met a guy IRL, went on 3 dates (story for another blog post, but I had higher hopes than he was able to deliver – quite literally). As soon as he left my apartment, after I paid for the Seamless and he didn’t offer to Venmo me, mind you, I vowed to start the cleanse and lose interest in my own dating life for once. I pulled the whole “I’m really busy with everyone else’s weddings this summer, but will let you know if I’m ever free” (read: I’d rather be watching Friends in bed alone but you’re a nice person so I’ll be nice).

I thrive when going on dates and then talking about them at work the next day so I didn’t know what my identity would become without having ~a case for love~ every damn day. I had a busy a$$ summer focusing on my profesh life, commuting to work, being back in the office, and trying to not deplete my bank account but still trying to be popular and see my friends every night of the week.

And thennnnn I went on a date on a rainy Monday night in August with a friend of a friend. We sat at a dive bar in Brooklyn and drank tequila with the bartender until we realized it was a Monday and yes, we both had to be at work in a few short hours. He was cool and I was intrigued so the cleanse was put on pause.

As mentioned, he isn’t a rando soooooo I’m not going to say anything else except for the fact that a chick with a bellybutton ring and a crop top beat me in competition I didn’t even know I was a part of.

I was really hoping to pause the cleanse for a little longer than 3 weeks but here we are now, first day of Fall, which I think is synonymous with “Cuffing Season” with not even a first, second, or third draft pick.

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