On a recent #miniremoteyear whirlwind trip to LA, SF and London, I was hoping to find a cute boyfriend in each city to entertain me for a limited amount of time. NYC has been particularly dry the past few months and I needed to get some kind of spice. Maybe the word boyfriend is too strong, but any kind of attention or flirt would have fit the bill.

The past Falls that I’ve lived in NYC, I’d already have a few players lined up in the game of Cuffing Season (until they fall short of making it through the tryouts), but this year there is absolutely no one in the lineup, it’s actually pathetic (how am I still even alive?).

But alas, I was heading out of town for a full two weeks and was ready to meet a hot surfer dude in LA, a tech nerd in SF and a British bloke in London. I didn’t think that was too much to ask.

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan and opened up Bumble ASAP, swiping as much as possible, and asking for the best taco recs in LA. I didn’t end up meeting any of the guys (or going to any of their recommended spots), but I did manage to meet a guy at a bar in downtown LA who asked to borrow my tassel earrings for his own pierced ears, as well as another guy who was 7 inches shorter than me, so neither of them were love connections. The rest of my weekend in LA was spent reminiscing about my days as an ADPi at USC #shedoesnttevengohere

No love was found in LA, so I packed up my bags and headed north. IDK if any of you remember, but on my first day in Croatia last year, I obviously went on a Bumble date while my friends slept, unpacked and did other responsible adult things. He was a handsome, tall American from California who was rounding out his Euro-tour in Split. He had come from Oktoberfest and was only in Split for a few more hours before taking a boat across the Adriatic Sea to meet his parents in Rome. I met him on that rainy Sunday afternoon for a few drinks before wishing him safe travels on his boat across the sea and it was v romantic, and I had a great time re-telling that story 100 times to the rest of my friends.

We loosely kept in touch, and as you may have guessed, he texted me when he saw my picture that I was in LA, asking if I was making a trip to SF (TG for social media!!). And as a matter of fact, I was going to SF the very next day. He lives 45 minutes north in a very nice town but said he’d be happy to drive down to see me (!!!). My friends laughed that it must have been one hell of a Bumble date for him to drive 45 minutes and then drive back home, all on a Tuesday night, I mean, have they never met me before? Obviously it was a fun Bumble date (get your mind out of the gutter — we only just kissed).

So yeah, he came to meet us at a neighborhood bar and met my SF amigos — my handsome, tall, successful, older Bumble date. Aka marriage material.

We didn’t quite have the right setting for a romantic night to see if it could be love, seeing as I was staying at my friends and he doesn’t live anywhere nearby. We said our goodbyes at the end of the night and have texted a little bit since, I’m not sure if it was a love connection but ya never know! Would make for a pretty gr8 story.

I left SF and headed across the pond to London for a casual trip to celebrate my birthday, because why not? You only turn 28 once! Super thankful and blessed for friends with extra hotel points as well as the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for the amazing points that allowed me to have a free flight (this should probably be a sponsored post).

Landed in London the next day and bought a SIM card right away because Bumbling with only WiFi is a dangerous game that I want no part of. I deleted my expired CA matches and swiped away on the ride from the airport from the hotel. Matched with about 32 British men, and wished them all “Cheerio, happy Saturday!” Well… I found out after copying and pasting that to each of them that Cheerio means “goodbye.” lol whoops, something I did not retain while living in London last year.

Many of my matches laughed and asked why I was saying goodbye when we hadn’t said hello yet, which I had no comeback for, and sadly was only in London for a quick 4 days so didn’t get to actually go on any dates. But don’t fret, I still got a good story.

On Sunday morning, post-Saturday night party hangover, my friend and I got up and took the red bus tour around the city to get in some last minute views before her flight. We had a few hours to kill and felt that it would be too much of a shampoo-effect if we went straight to the pub. As soon as we were too cold to still be sitting on the open roof of the bus, we hopped off and made our way to a pub for a beer before her flight.

It was Remembrance Day, aka Veteran’s Day and there were many, many men in uniform drinking and cheers-ing to each other, and one that made his way over to us to introduce himself to the two pretty blonde American gals. My friend had to run to catch her flight, but I still had some beer left and stayed to see how this would unfold.

He grabbed my phone to put his number in, and wound up texting my friend some pretty absurd NSFW things, so I’ll keep that screenshot off here, but he was pretty funny (and v drunk). I stayed for a few more minutes talking to him about why I was only in London for a short time, and mid sentence, he grabbed my face and kissed me! I was not expecting it, and was probably so awkward b/c it was like 1:30p on Sunday.

It was kinda funny because it was London, whereas if that happened in NYC, it would not have been as well received. He successfully gave me his WhatsApp and I went along to meet my friends to continue the day of drinking around London. And also got no less than 24 missed calls from him throughout the day / night. He was cute but I was with friends and wasn’t about to peel off to meet a rando (maybe would have if I had a few more days in London, but my priorities were to see friends!).

I woke up the next morning feeling 28 and great (read: hungover and tired AF), but drank lots of champagne to celebrate before flying back to reality in NYC.

I peaked when I traveled the entire world at the ages of 26/27, so I’m not exactly sure how 28 will top that, but here’s hoping the best is yet to come 😉

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