I love love – talking about it, writing about it, and hearing about it (and giving advice about it… but I don’t have a boyfriend so take my advice with a grain of salt, LOL). So what started as an anonymous dating blog when I was living in NYC has transformed into a less anonymous dating abroad blog over the past few months that I’ve been traveling.

While I’m lucky enough to call NYC my home, you won’t find me there for too long at a time. I’ve spent the last few years of my life traveling the world… and thanks to Remote Year and my company for letting me continue to live the dream. I’m currently spending 12 months living and working in 12 cities around the world, adult study abroad as my parents like to call it.

And the amazing part about living and working in different cities around the world is that I am always meeting new people, learning new languages and cultures, and getting A+ stories along the way.  Some of the stories here are my own, but I’ve also created this as a way of storytelling for my friends as well.

Names have been changed, as well as a few little details, so sit back, relax with a glass of rosé  and catch me if you can… but you probably can’t.

But you can try to keep up with me here:

Instagram: @acaseforlove

Twitter: @acaseforlove


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