Do we ever stop dreaming?

The past few months of my life have left with me experiences that I’ve had to pinch myself and ask if this is real.  This year has undoubtedly been filled with life-long memories that I’ll never forget, full of things that many people can only dream about. It’s easy to forget that when I get... Continue Reading →



I was recently interviewed for my university's magazine, one step towards becoming an international traveler blogger (that's what this means.... right?) Transcribed here:     Growing up in a family that enjoyed travel, Casey Hekker'11 developed a love for exploring the world at an early age.  That passion deepened when she came to Elon. "I... Continue Reading →


Was really interesting. And unexpected. And broken. Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, without a lot of infrastructure or tourists. Before spending last month in La Paz, I didn't know what to expect, as I had only seen the picture of the city on the Remote Year website. I didn't do... Continue Reading →

Haven’t even had juan date yet

Es la ultima semana en Buenos Aires y estoy triste que yo no tengo un novio Argentinian ahora / It’s the last week in Buenos Aires and I am sad that I don’t have a boyfriend yet. Also — want to quickly #humblebrag that I didn’t use Google Translate for that sentence, so it may or may... Continue Reading →

Dating is Hard

Writing about dating is hard. Trying to find people who want to read about my dating life is hard. But I get to sit at cafes like the wonderful picture above and type out my stories. My life certainly isn’t hard. BUT every once in a while, something glorious happens. Like finding out that people... Continue Reading →

Juan Tucker Must Die

Not the Juan for me.  Or three of my other friends who all thought that Juan was the Juan for them.  Until we compared Tinder messages.  And we all thought we were Juan in a million.  But we were just Juan out of the many girls of the noche. I moved to Buenos Aires on... Continue Reading →


Alright so I haven’t found a boyfriend yet. But it’s only been one month of my around-the-world search, so I’m not that desperate. Keyword: yet. But the stories that have come (cum? Is that too dirty to write in this? Just go with it.) from this past month have been some great ones to start. ... Continue Reading →

This is happening: Also - I'm about to go on a running and coffee / correr y café date with an Argentinian...wish me luck!

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