Becoming a Matchmaker

One day I’d like to think that picture above will be my hot boyfriend and me on a remote beach in Cambodia, or wherever around the world that we’re left to enjoy every second of our lives together with no distractions. But for now, I’ll be fine with helping others achieve that by working as... Continue Reading →


Hello how are you I’m fine!

Well… not lizexactly. One year ago, I said adios to NYC and got on a plane to Argentina to travel the world. And now I’m crying in the backseat of an Uber, leaving my home in Saigon and heading out for the next adventure. And by “home,” I mean a group of the most amazing... Continue Reading →

Drinking and dating around the world

Here's the rundown of what I drank and where I went on dates:  Argentina: Fernet and Coke (and a story to go with too much Fernet…) Bolivia: pepto bismol (because you don’t go on dates, you stay home with food poisoning) Peru: Pisco Sour England: Mint Julep Belgium: Stella Artois Czech Republic: Kozel Beer Serbia:... Continue Reading →

LDW – Montenegro

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to vacation from." - Seth Godin I just got home from one of the most amazing places I had never heard of, and saw this image and quote when I opened a new tab on my computer... Continue Reading →

Continent One and Done

I left South America a few weeks ago with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was going home to see my family and friends (and to eat buffalo wings) but on the other hand, I was leaving a continent that I fell in love with (and leaving the world of llamas). When I stepped off... Continue Reading →

Luck of the Irish… in South America

PSA: I'm back in America now, and I am still single.  Not entirely sure how I spent four months in South America and didn't snag myself a Latin Lover.  I'm sorry, readers, I feel like I've failed you. But on the other hand, I would have failed you more if I did have a BF... Continue Reading →

Solo Quiero Llamas

In case you haven't noticed (or maybe you got bored and unfollowed me on Instagram - rude), I created my own #30daychallenge.  Nope, this doesn't include cutting out alcohol or working out for 30 days in a row (no gracias to both of those challenges).  I only care about how many pictures I can take... Continue Reading →

South American Hekkers

(minus Jack and Family Jules... lo siento parents) Other than spending my time taking llama selfies, I've had an amazing time in Cusco, starting the month off with Brian and Peanut in South America!  After my weekend at the Salt Flats, I left Bolivia and headed back to Lima to meet the fam and to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Even though I'm certainly crying at the thought of having to leave this country.  Too cliche? Whatever, just go with it. Argentina is amazing and the past two months that I've lived here have been incredible, it's hard to even put it all in words.  I have done a little bit of recapping but I... Continue Reading →

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